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Starfire Favorites

Starfire's Favorite Things

Here's an incomplete list of some of my favorite things.
It's a long list because I have so many favorites!
Scroll down or use the links to jump to a section.
Please note: I've alphabetized the listings, so the
first one isn't necessarily the one I like most.

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Actors, Movies, Television, and Broadway
Some of the television programs do not air in Hawai'i at this time, but they may air elsewhere. Also, I'm not entirely certain if the anime is actually anime or not.
E-mail me if you know for certain.


Favorite Movies Television Cartoons Musicals
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Books and Authors
For the sake of classification, a solo book stands alone, a sequence is a set of connected, inter-related books usually written by the same author(s), and a series consists of books that can stand by themselves often written by many different authors. There are some exceptions to these definitions, however.


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These are some of the games I'm willing to play over and over (and over and over) again.


Super Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Nintendo 64
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