Celestial Contemplations

If you're looking for any really deep thoughts, then you've come to the wrong place. I'm not going to explore the meaning of the universe, the existence of an afterlife, or even anything so mind-boggling as why the federal government spent taxpayer money to fund an investigation that didn't even address what it was supposed to. If you want things like that, go look for a philosophy, sociology, or political site. I don't do that sort of thing.


If you're looking for simple opinions on things that you know little about and would like to know more, or just another person's perspective on things you have an interest in--positive or negative--and need solidifying of your own thoughts on, or just want to see what someone else does with his spare time and website, then you've come to the right place.

These are NOT essays of professional, academic, or scholarly worth, so don't bother trying to use them for your own reports. These are simply my own thoughts and feelings on various subjects that I just feel a need to vent on. As much as I'd like to vent on the state of the nation, I'm not really informed enough to do it, so I won't. As long as you understand that, you're welcome to comment on anything I post. In fact, I'd appreciate any comments and feedback you can provide, so go ahead and let me know what you think!

01/01/2001: State of the Website Address--2001

01/01/2000: The Pokemon Craze: Generational Deja Vu

09/16/1999: Teary Eyes and Choked-Up Throats

08/16/1999: Giant Sharks and Killer...Rabbits?

06/01/1999: Give Me a Good Scare

05/16/1999: Why All The Hype?

04/16/1999: Sub vs. Dub: A Debate of Preferences

03/16/1999: Where, oh, Where Have the Fantasy Movies Gone?

02/16/1999: Today's Advertising Gimmicks

01/16/1999: Acknowledging My Heroes

11/16/1998: What Happened to the Cartoons?

Here's a tentative list of future topics:

Comments? Suggestions? E-mail me with your words of wisdom. I'm up for a hearty e-mail debate if you are!

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