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Welcome to a world where the mysteries of science fiction, the enigmas of fantasy, and the absolute depths of terror are available at your fingertips. Enter of your own free will as you seek out new tomes for your own perusal or select tomes as gifts to others.

Here you can find links to's online catalog where you can purchase the various tomes reviewed here. I've alphabetized them according to the author's last name for easier organization. Enjoy!

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AuthorTitleHardcoverPaperback My ReviewExtras
Saberhagen, Fred The Dracula Tape no yes 10/01/1998 no
The Holmes-Dracula File no maybe 10/16/1998 no
An Old Friend of the Family no yes 11/01/1998 no
Thorn no maybe 11/16/1998 no
Dominion no yes 12/01/1998 no
A Matter of Taste no maybe 12/16/1998 no
A Question of Time no maybe 01/01/1999 no
Seance for a Vampire maybe yes 01/16/1999 no
A Sharpness on the Neck yes yes 02/01/1999 no
Salisbury, Graham Under the Blood-Red Sun yes yes 07/01/1998 no
Jungle Dogs yes yes 04/16/2000 no
Shark Bait yes yes 05/01/2000 no
Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann The Godmother no yes 10/16/1998 Interview
The Godmother's Apprentice yes yes 11/16/1998
Shahar, Eluki Bes X-Men: Smoke and Mirrors no maybe 03/01/2000 no
Shepard, Lucius The Golden no maybe 07/16/2000 no
Shuster, Robert Sevenacide no 12/16/2000 no
The 13 Colonies no yes 07/16/2002 no
Simmons, Dan Fires of Eden no maybe 05/01/1998 Interview
Children of the Night maybe yes 04/01/1999
Summer of Night yes yes 05/01/2002
A Winter Haunting yes yes 02/16/2003
Simon, Morris The Black Vessel no maybe 08/16/1999 no
Smeds, Dave X-Men: Law of the Jungle no yes 05/01/2000 no
Smith, Dean Wesley Spider-Man: Goblin's Revenge no maybe 12/01/1999 no
X-Men: The Jewels of Cyttorak no yes 04/01/2000 no
Smith, Dodie The Hundred and One Dalmatians yes yes 02/01/1999 no
Smith, L.J. Dark Visions: The Strange Power no yes 04/16/1999 no
Dark Visions: The Possessed no yes 05/01/1999 no
Dark Visions: The Passion no yes 05/16/1999 no
The Forbidden Game--The Hunter no yes 06/01/1999 no
The Forbidden Game--The Chase no yes 06/16/1999 no
The Forbidden Game--The Kill no yes 07/01/1999 no
The Secret Circle: The Initiation no yes 04/16/1999 no
The Secret Circle: The Captive no yes 05/01/1999 no
The Secret Circle: The Power no yes 05/16/1999 no
The Vampire Diaries--The Awakening no yes 07/16/1999 no
The Vampire Diaries--The Struggle no yes 08/01/1999 no
The Vampire Diaries--The Fury no yes 08/16/1999 no
The Vampire Diaries--Dark Reunion no yes 09/01/1999 no
Night World: Secret Vampire no yes 10/16/1999 no
Night World: Daughters of Darkness no yes 11/01/1999 no
Night World: Spellbinder no yes 11/16/1999 no
Night World: Dark Angel no maybe 12/01/1999 no
Night World: The Chosen no yes 12/16/1999 no
Night World: Soulmate no yes 01/01/2000 no
Night World: Huntress no yes 01/16/2000 no
Night World: Black Dawn no yes 02/01/2000 no
Night World: Witchlight no yes 02/16/2000 no
Stasheff, Christopher Her Majesty's Wizard no yes 08/01/1999 no
The Oathbound Wizard no yes 08/16/1999 no
The Witch Doctor no yes 09/01/1999 no
The Secular Wizard no yes 09/16/1999 no
My Son, The Wizard no yes 10/01/1999 no
The Haunted Wizard no yes 08/01/2000 no
The Crusading Wizard no yes 09/01/2000 no
The Feline Wizard no yes 10/01/2000 no
Stein, Garth Raven Stole the Moon yes yes 07/01/2000 no
Stevens-Arce, James Soulsaver yes 10/01/2000 no
Stoker, Bram Dracula yes yes 09/16/1998 no
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This page posted December 16, 1999.

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