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Title: Enchanterer's End Game
Author: David Eddings
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Format: Paperback
Copyright Date: 1984

Everything's coming to a head. Garion--now fully aware of who he is and what he was born for--is moving headlong towards a private confrontation with the maimed Angarak god, Torak, hoping to prevent needless deaths in the kingdoms of the West. Meanwhile, Ce'Nedra has rallied the armies of the West to divert the attention of the Angaraks from her beloved Garion's activities. And in the dark city of Cthol Mishrak, the maimed god stirs towards full wakefulness. But things have a way of getting out of hand when personal feelings are involved. For instance, Ce'Nedra's army has inadvertantly blundered into the middle of an Angarak war as Zakath of Mallorea moves against Taur Urgas of Cthol Murgos for dominion over all the Angarak kingdoms. And Garion's own private longings and dreams become weapons used against him as he draws ever closer to the final confrontation with the maimed god. Now all that remains is the confrontation between the Child of Light--Belgarion of Riva--and the Child of Dark, Torak the Dragon God, in a battle where the stakes are nothing less than the fate of the world!

Enchanterer's End Game is the fifth and final book in the Belgariad. Within its exciting pages all the threads of the vast tapestry woven by the author are brought together to create the last great scenes of this saga. It isn't simply Garion struggling to Mallorea or Ce'Nedra's army fighting pitched battles against the Angaraks. It is the lives of simple men and women--and not so simple men and women--and their determination to succeed in their goals or die trying. This is the stuff that heroes and heroines are made of.

What do I like the best? I don't know. Perhaps the most impressive thing about this book is that it does indeed bring together all sorts of loose threads and unites them in a convincing, unified whole. For example, remember the flower made for Adara and what she asked him to do that he couldn't? Well, you get to find out what's happened since then. Remember the serfs that Ce'Nedra inducted into her army with promises of food daily? Well, find out what they're doing as well. Remember Lledorin of Wildantor's cousin, Torasin? He's here, too. With only a few minor exceptions, nearly all the characters that survived the first four books have made their way into this last book. Naturally not everything will turn out happily, but did you really expect them to? In the middle of a war? Yet you'd be surprised at how much does actually end positively!

Enchanterer's End Game draws to a close a tremendous series of books. From beginning to end is a complex skein of converging storylines running headlong to their final conclusions. From beginning to end it is one exciting moment after another. I know you can't wait to get to the end, so go to it!

Rating: Thumbs up! Never was there a final battle such as you'll find here!

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