Luminary Awards

Journeying across the endless vista of the Internet to make landfall upon distant websites, ever ready to take the first step into inter-site communications, we offer friendship and received tokens of merit in return.

The site has earned several awards. You can see them here and visit the sites that have honored us by gifting us with the following tokens of merit.

Ultimate Sci-Fi/Fantasy Webring Award of Excellence
Received from the webmaster of the Ultimate Sci-Fi Webring Homepage.
Totally Chaotic Site
Received from Nuni Mato, the webmaster of The Realm of Chaos.
Omega Award
Received from Ghost Ghostheart, the webmaster of Ghostheart's Babylon 5 Quarters.
Darklord's Silver Web Award
Received from Darklord, the webmaster of Darklord's Palace.
Award for Anime Excellence from Celestial
Received from Jade's The Land of Jade website.
So Cool It's Scary
Received from Queen of Swords' website.
Fantasy Writer's Award
Received from Greywolf the Wanderer's website.
Creativity Award of Excellence
Received from Claudette.

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