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Finally! I've finally managed to cobble together some galleries for my favorite anime series. After debatingand meditating on it, I've decided not to use thumbnails (for one thing, I still don't know how to make them). The text links should allow for greater efficiency in loading the pages, though.

Sometimes I'll find graphics at other sites that I simply must add here. You'll know which ones they are because I'll tell you about them...and somewhere nearby there will be a link to the site wher I got the images from. Fair's fair, right?

04/16/99: Fire Emblem Gallery

04/16/99: Special Duty Combat Unit: Shinesman Gallery

06/01/99: Fake

Don't forget to visit the reviews that go along with these galleries.

Click here for the review of Shinesman.
Click here for the review of Fire Emblem.
Click here for the review of Fake.

Or click here for the main Astral Animations page.

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Comments? Suggestions? E-mail me with your words of wisdom. I'd really like to know which anime series other people find popular so I can see them, too!

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