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Sorry! I'm not in the business of designing animated GIFs, so you won't be finding anything here that you can download for your own pages. What you will find here are my takes and reviews of the various anime series and movies I've seen. I'll try to upload some graphics to each review, but these won't be mine! I'll be surfing through other sites and asking permission to use those graphics--sometimes I'm too conscientious and goody-goody for my own good--before they appear on my pages. If you have any of your own artwork that you're willing to loan me, please let me know. As long as it's tastefully done and reasonably faithful to the character, I'd be willing to post it.

Note: Japanese animation is very different from American animation. For one thing, the Japanese aren't afraid to address subjects that Americans fear even contemplating, such as sex and homosexuality. Japanese anime also doesn't hesitate to depict such scenes, although they don't exactly show everything.

Again, if you have any artwork--your own artwork--that you're willing to let me use, then please contact me.

12/16/1998 Poltergeist Report--Yu Yu Hakusho 90-minute movie feature based on the popular manga and anime series.
03/01/1999 The Special Duty Combat Unit Shinesman 60-minute anime feature involving corporate executives, alien invasions, and special armor.
04/16/1999 Fire Emblem 60-minute anime feature involving swords, axes, winged-horses, and sorcery.
05/16/1999 Curse of the Undead: Yoma 90-minute anime feature filled with evil monsters and ninjas.
06/01/1999 Fake 60-minute anime feature involving two male New York detectives who get more than they expected during a private joint vacation to the English countryside.
Warning: if you find yaoi subject matter offensive or objectionable, do not open this link.
07/16/1999 Dark Cat 60-minute anime feature with two shape-changing cats fighting the forces of evil consuming a high school's students.
08/16/1999 Marriage 60-minute anime feature about--you guessed it--marriage!
09/16/1999 Ogre Slayer 60-minute two-episode anime feature about an ogre who kills...ogres!
10/01/1999 Ogre Slayer 2: Grim Fairy Tales 60-minute two-episode anime feature about more of the Ogre Slayer's adventures.
12/01/1999 Yu Yu Hakusho: The Movie 30-minute anime OVA about Yusuke and his adventures with demons.
12/16/1999: Ninja Cadets 60-minute two-episode anime feature about ninjas in training in feudal Japan.
01/01/2000 Ninja Scroll 82-minute movie feature about two solitary ninjas alone against the Eight Devils of Kimon.
01/01/2000 Suikoden Demon Century 45-minute anime feature about reincarnated warriors reuniting in post-earthquake Tokyo to battle crime and corruption.
01/16/2000 Sonic Soldier Borgman: The Last Battle 45-minute anime about cyborgs seeking normal lives forced into battle once more.
01/16/2000 Sonic Soldier Borgman: Lover's Rain 45-minute anime about a cyborg warrior haunted by deeds he was forced to do to save the world.
02/01/2000 Kizuna 30-minute anime about two young men and the hardships they've endured to be together.
02/01/2000 Kizuna 2 30-minute anime about a young man unable to be with the one he loves.
02/16/2000Sakura Wars 60-minute two-episode anime about demons attacking Japan and the young women dedicated to stopping them.
02/16/2000 Sakura Wars 2 60-minute two-episode anime about the elite force of spiritually-endowed individuals standing against the forces of evil.
04/01/2000 Crimson Wolf 60-minute anime about the three reincarnated souls destined to save the world from a third World War.
04/01/2000 Pokemon: The First Movie 96-minute movie about the world's most powerful Pokemon and its search for the meaning of life.
04/16/2000 Demon City Shinjuku 82-minute anime feature about the struggle of a young man against the forces of evil.
05/01/2000 Tattoon Master 60-minute two-part anime feature about what happens when a woman-hater gets married to the buxom high priestess of a mysterious and mystical tribe.
10/01/2000 Sailor Moon R--The Movie 60-minute anime feature about the pretty soldier in a sailor suit and a energy-draining flower with its roots set on draining the earth.
11/16/2000 Pokemon the Movie 2000 Full-length animate movie about the three Legendary Birds and the fourth who rules them all.
01/01/2001 Haunted Junction Anime series about the Holy Student Council at one of the strangest schools of all.
01/16/2001 X 100-minute anime movie about the boy who holds the fate of the world in his hands.
04/16/2001 Princess Mononoke Feature-length anime movie about a young man, a wolf-girl, and the forest they're trying to protect.
08/01/2002 8 Man After: Perfect Collection Feature-length anime movie about a city under siege by cyber-junkies.
02/16/2003 Blue Gender Anime series about the earth overrun by giant, human eating monsters.

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