Personal: I'm 41 years old and have been drawing since I was 8. I've never taken any art classes outside of high school where I was mainly taught shading. I have a variety of interests that range from home renovation to fishing. And I've dabbled in various forms of artwork from candle making to crocheting and flower arrangement.

Artwork: I draw in pencil only although occasionally I will use colored pencils and sometimes paints, depending on the picture. I have dabbled in paints but since I've moved I haven't had the space to put my easel where my children can't touch it so I'm sticking with pencils. I draw only on medium to heavy weight drawing paper and spray each drawing to prevent smudging.

Accomplishments: I have my artwork currently in a T-shirt company in the UK and am seeking a U.S. based one that pays royalties for every T-shirt sold. I have had one short story and two poems published. I also used to write a monthly newsletter called the Rough and Tough Country Newsletter which had interviews with all sorts of celebrities. I've had one of my artwork pieces featured on the Nashville Showcase TV Show and another piece placed in the Nashville Palace.

Likes: I love making friends all over internet. I enjoy drawing for the public and celebrities alike, and collect autographed paraphenalia of all kinds. I collect old dictionaries, beanie babies, Star Trek anything, comics, books, movies, and currently sell my artwork on internet so that fans can send it to their favorite celebrities to sign.

Down to Earth: I try very hard to help others as much as I can in whatever they are attempting. The friends I make I consider lifelong friends. I work very hard at everything I do because I believe that nothing I do should be done halfway. I currently receive approximately 300 e-mails a day and read everyone. I'll also answer each one addressed to me if only to ask for another day to answer because of a limited schedule. I love contests and with three boys I try very hard to win whatever I can but never enter for things that I am not interested in since this would be a waste of my time and those of the people having the contest. I also think that takes away from the ones who really would love to win that prize. I am currently taking care of a disabled husband, a 16 year old child with explosive temper disorder and a set of twin boys age 14. Sometimes I get behind in my work because of family issues but I do complete work in an acceptable timeframe.

Pet Peeves: When I receive rude e-mails (which have only been two so far) about my artwork. I was raised to believe that if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all. I truly believe that and don't appreciate others, who think they are all that, telling me that my meager little business is meaningless and my artwork junk. It's all acording to taste.

To me if you don't like something move on.....it's just too rude to try and make someone feel bad about themselves and what they do. I've never proclaimed to be the "best" artist out there, as some have who have e-mailed me have proclaimed, but neither am I a novice who's had no experience at all. So please, let's use common courtesy out there when we visit others' sites.

I know I have a couple of other little pet peeves but let's just leave it at that for now...hahaha.

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