Waxing Lyrical
An interpretation of Tori Amos lyrics...
This is lyric interpretation 101. From here I will give my own personal explanation of Tori Amos lyrics, and you will listen whether you like it or not! hee, hee hee...(Warning! Take these interpretations with a pinch of salt, as they are my own personal interpretations, and might very probably be wrong!

Allusions to Neil Gaiman and his creations
Mr Zebra

Obviously, it's a sprawling tale of love, betrayal and beastality all in one song!! Do you see? Do you see?!? Not realy of course, just the power of suggestion! I personally think that "Mr Zebra", is about Tori's toys she had as a child, for instance, Mr Zebra could have been a cuddly toy with a sweater, hence "Hello Mr Zebra, can I have your sweater 'cos it's cold, cold, cold..." I could close my case right there...but I won't! Also we can't forget the other cuddly toys such as Mrs Crockydile,dile,dile who also plays a major role in the tale. However, Money-penny, James Bond's secretary is a confusing reference - I think it's somethng to do with women's lib, because it talks of making a fund for Money-Penny's rights...Kaiser William was the King of Germany, and I think the refference to him was something to do with feeling like a king....And as for the rest...? Well, as we know from Tori herself, she took drugs in her early years, so she might have written it whilst tripping.....

Precious Things

A very angry song. I used to think it was about her rape, but some of the lines just don't ring true if that's it's content.
"Running after Billy..." suggests a chidhood sweetheart, but then it moves from the 7th Grade to her as a teenager, presumably at a Prom. "In my Peach party dress, no-one cared..." And she sings of "all the pretty girls," with their "little fascist panties" as if she hates them, and everything they represent, being pretty but shallow. She's saying that these things are her precious things, and she wants to be rid of them as they are so shallow, and not truly precious to her at all, making this an extremely ironic song.


A tough time analysing this one, I mean, you try woreking it out with lyrics like,
"Father, I killed my monkey"! But I feel that this song is a song about magic, which I suspect is the theme for most of the songs off Venus, including Concertina. It makes you fel as light as air, and empowered, filling you completely, but also taking a little of you with it every time it is turned off. I guess with the lines "So maybe you're a four-horse engine with a powerdrive...we're bliss of another kind" indicates that whoever, and whatever we are, we all have the potential for the attainment of "Bliss", inner peace, happiness leading to nirvana.

Not the Red Baron

Tori said that the songs she writes are like her girls, and I never used to know what this girl's story was. It begins eerily quiet with a voice over a radio, Tori singing that "another pilot's down". For me, it's about life and how we all "go down in the flames, with every step" - almost as if every step we make we condemn ourselves to a worse fate.

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