The Book of Amos.
The words of Amos, who was truly an excellent singer/songwriter, who saw an earthquake, and "Lo," she said, "it is little." And she did say "Hear these words of my Holy scripture, so you may gleam elightenment from it." In other words, here are some bloody brilliant Tori quotes!

"Give me religion and a lobotomy."
- Amos, 1.6
"How can I be a sacred being and a hot pussy?"
- Amos, 1.12
"When you come to one of my shows you think that you are walking into this really yummy lunch, and little do you know you ARE lunch."
- Amos, 4.3
"I started finding the people inside me; the prostitute that's really angry because I judged her too harshly, the self-righteous virgin who knows everything about sex and has never made love."
- Amos, 3.17
"My theory is that women were the Mona Lisas for a long time, and now men are the
Mona Lisas with little goatees. They are our Muses."
- Amos, 6.10
"I believe in energy, everything is energy. And therefore sometimes magic can be created if somebody is open to let energy do what it does, instead of being so cynical, that you miss magic happening."
- Amos, 7.17
"Lets go and love, fuck that shit! My heart is scarred. I have a tear running down the middle of it and I'm not ready to say, 'Let go and Love."
- Amos, 1.10
"Lucifer understands love better than anybody. You know he's done a mean tango with Greta Garbo."
- Amos, 3.14
"If you call me an airy-fairy new age hippy waif, I will cut your penis off."
- Amos, 1.1
"I'm doing this  so that people who feel when they're at 21 their lives are over, or they don't know how to have an intimate physical relationship , that they can be beautiful people again."
- Amos, 3.9
"You've gotta fight for your right to have a monster."
- Amos, 5.5
"I just hated my name. If a guy even started to look at me and they heard my name was Myra Ellen, it just created a limp dick immediately."
- Amos, 4.3
"If you wanted music for your dog to do something on, hey, it's paper too."
- Amos, 4.5
"That was my role when I was nine - a freak child."
- Amos, 2.8
"It's one thing to be a glitter girl, but it's another thing to be all woman."
- Amos, 8.4
"Pretty is never beautiful."
- Amos, 7.8
"Do you know what it's like to be a girl and have blood running down your legs and think you're dying, just because no one's told you what happens? It's horrible."
- Amos, 5.12
"Somebody will come backstage and go "You saved me." And I have to go "Stop right there. You saved yourself."
- Amos, 2.7
"...But the Christians claim Jesus was fathered without a drop of sperm. There wasn't even a penis involved. It's a religion without penetration. And subsequently the same believers  take thier swords and chop the non-believers to pieces , stab babies to death and burnt witches at the stake. And you think I'm shocking when I say I gave God a blowjob? Give me a fucking break."
- Amos, 5.27
"The woman in Playboy Mommy, she'll swallow.  She'd swallow a million seeds to protect this child."
- Amos, 9.8
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