Tori be thy name!
Hand me my Leather...
Never was one for a Prissy Girl...!
Tori, in Hulk Hogan pose!
It's not my bag, baby!
Under the Pink
My favourite Tori pic!
Sock are truly a wonderful thing to behold!
I need a big loan from a girl zone... Different colours made of tears...
It's me and a piano, and a chair at my back, but I haven't sen Barbados, so I must get out of this...
When I was seventeen, my name was Myra-Ellen...
Tori thinking dirty thoughts...
Tori sitting up a tree, doing what she shouldn't be!
Oh my God! The answer to life lies right before my eyes!
In my Peach party dress, no-one cared, no-one dared to tell me...
How fair can the Queen of Faeries be?
Skool daze...
Raah! I'm a lioness, y'know?

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