Go, go, go, go now out of the nest
It's time to go, go, go now
Circus girl without a safety net
Here, here now don't cry
You raised your hand for the assignment
Tuck those ribbons under your helmet
Be a good soldier

First my left foot then my right behind the other
Pantyhose running in the cold

Mother the car is here
Somebody leave the light on
Just in case I like the dancing
I can remember where I come from

I walked into your dream
And now I've forgotten how to dream my own dream
You are the clever one, aren't you?
Brides in veils for you
We told you all of our secrets
All but one so you don't even try
The phone has been disconnected
Dripping with blood and with time and with your advice
Poison  me against the moon
I escape into your escape into our very favourite fearscape
It's across the sky and across my heart
And I cross my legs
Oh my god

First my left foot and my right behind the other
Breadcrumbs lost under the snow.

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