Sweet Almond Oil:  Obtained from dried kernels of the almond tree.  This almond oil is an excellent emollient and helps the skin to balance its loss and absorption of moisture.  It is a light, non-greasy, penetrating oil that is excellent for all skin types.  Almond oil has high amounts of vitamin A, and is a natural moisturizer.  Sweet almond oil lotion is commonly used to releive skin itch, iritation and dryness and is effective with all skin types.  It is easily absorbed into the skin leaving it soft and smooth.  This oil also promotes a younger looking complexion and may relieve muscular aches and pains.

Kokum Butter: Is an emollient helpful in the treatment of burns, scalds and chaffed skin.  Moisturizes dry skin to help restore elasticity. Exellent for mature skin.

Natural Unrefined Beeswax: A solid, all natural golden-yellow wax with a wonderful, light honey-like scent.  It forms a light barrier on your skin, helping to seal in moisturizing oils and butters, without clogging your pores.

Vegetable Sourced Emulsifying Wax: A natural vegetable waxy binder which helps combine oils and water.

Jojoba Oil: Emollient and similar to natural human oil secretions.  It feeds and moisturizes skin and nails.  Jojoba Oil is wonderful for dry scalp, psoriasis, eczema, sunburn, chapped skin.  It's an excellent oil to use if you have acne or oily skin, but still need a moisturizer, as it is non-greasy and will not clog your pores. Jojoba is also considered to help reduce wrinkles and help skin retain its natural elasticity and softness. Jojoba oil is very similar, molecurlarly, to sebum (the oil your skin produces), and is therefore absorbed into the skin easily and quickly. 

Vitamin E Oil: Has been shown to have a wide variety of skin benefits. Many studies have shown that vitamin E can help decrease the effects of psoriasis, erythema, and may help in reducing the risk of skin cancer.  Vitamin E has also been shown to significantly help in the reduction of scarring from wounds and has been shown to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks on the skin.  It is an excellent wound healer, and is useful for combating skin damage, healing scar tissue and stretch marks, moisturizing (especially for dry and aging skin) and is often used to treat wrinkles and fine lines.

Calendula Infused Olive Oil and Extract:
Olive oil is a thick, rich oil, well suited for calming inflamed skin, and excellent on dry or mature skin.  It is an excellent moisturizer because it attracts and holds moisture close to the skin to prevent loss of internal moisture and soothes inflamed skin.  Calendula is recognized for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.  It is considered one of the most effective herb al remedies for skin problems, such as wounds, rashes, chapped hands, and infections.  It is useful in healing wounds, burns, leg ulcers, dry, chapped, cracked skin and skin rashes.  Tests show that ointments containing calendula activate tissue regeneration and epithelial tissue development. 

Glycerin: A humectant which draws water from the air and brings it to the skin.  Our glycerine is a vegetable-based product.

Aloe Vera:
Has been found to have anti-inflammatory properties, helps in healing burns, and reduces wounds and scars.  Aloe vera helps dry, cracked skin, burns, blisters, frostbite, insect bites, and allergic reactions which affect the skin.  Aloe vera has traditionally been used to treat skin conditions, including psoriasis, eczema, inflammations, burns and wounds.  It is a great skin moisturizer which helps keep skin supple by bring oxygen to the cells which increases the strength of the skin tissue.  Studies how that aole vera improves the skin's ability to hydrate itself, aids in the removal of dead skin cells and has an effective penetrating ability which helps transport healthy substances through the skin.

Carrot Seed Oil: Respected aromatherapy references suggest that Carrol Seed Oil is useful for the treatment of dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, wrinkles, and that it aids dry skin and revitalizes the basal layer.  Carrot seed oil also assists in removing toxins and water build up in the skin giving it a fresher, firmer appearance.

Botanicals extracted into Distilled Spring Water: A water based preparation to extract the active compounds of herbs, made by steeping the plant parts in hot water for a period of time, then straining the plant matter from the liquid.  Various plants are used, depending on the product.

Essential Oils:  Very concentrated oils extracted from the volatile components of plants which have  distinctive scents responsible for healing properties.  Although called "oils", these liquids are not fatty.  Essential oils are used in the area of plant medicine known as "aromatherapy."  The various essential oils included in Wilde Frauen products are utilized not only for their fragrance, but for their therapeutic properties as well.
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