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Made in Texas
Wilde Frauen Farm is a family owned business.  Operated by Tina Vanderburg-Stevens and her husband, Philip Stevens, Wilde Frauen Farm is definitely a family affair.  Tina creates the formulas for the product line and designs the labels and marketing products.  Philip handles sales and marketing.  Their teenage daughters test the products and fragrances and are great cheerleaders (literally and figuratively).  Tina's mother Barbara creates the soap line and designs and creates some of the packaging.  Wilde Frauen Farm is located in the sandhills of Seguin, on ten acres of black-jack oak woodlands.  Barbara has the green thumb to keep the herbs happy and healthy. 

After attending a birth labor attended by her best friend, a mid-wife who used herbal care to assist in the labor, Tina developed a curiousity about the use of herbs medicinally.  The more she learned, the curiousty became a passion for herbs, herbal medicine and natural herbal skin care products.  She began studying herbal medicine, reading every book and article she could find on the subject, and studied under Niki Telkes of the Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine in Austin, Texas.  Tina began developing herbal teas, which progressed to herbal tinctures and, after becoming more aware of the benefits of botanicals, she began learning more about creating skin care products that were truly "all natural", using organic and/or ethically and sustainably wild-crafted botanicals. 

The Stevens family's goal for the future is to develop their own nursery to grow many of the herbs used in their products and to ultimately open the farm for gardens tours, tea and light lunches, sell potted herb plants and Texas wildflowers and dried herbs and provide classes in creating skin care products and herb crafts. 

Until then, we invite you to browse our on-line "farm" and we hope you will try Wilde Frauen Farm products for yourself.

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