Wisconsin-Illinois Paranormal Alliance

Serving the Great Lakes region, WIILPA is here to help those who are searching for answers to possible paranormal activity, specializing in the quality of results - not quantity. We conduct full investigations and "diagnostic" visits anytime, day or night. WIILPA also specializes in K-9 unit assistance, when requested, on investigations. We are the alternative, no holds barred, throw the rules out the window of professional ghost hunting groups. No need to fear...

Photo Evidence 1

This is a photograph from one of our residential investigations, revealing some sort of shadow person on the basement floor - as if someone was standing behind the camera. There was no one standing behind the camera. In addition, the light is coming from the flash of the camera, and this shadow would make one think the light source was behind the non-existent figure. 

Shadow Person, Image 1

Photo Evidence 2

This was the next shot taken of the shadow person, now retreating back and out of the frame. The shot taken after this one did not show this shadow. It was completely gone, though all are still accounted for in front of the camera.

Shadow Person, Image 2

Request An Investigation!

Either visit our website at www.wi-ilparanormal.com and fill out our request form.

...or you can email your request directly to wiilparanormal@gmail.com. Please enter "Investigation Request" as the subject. Make sure to include your name, all contact information and best time to call. Please also provide a brief description of your claims of activity.

WIILPA: The Alternative

WIILPA will do anything above and beyond the normal in order to prove or disprove claims of activity.

Besides recording the typical EMF, temperature, etc. readings and using as them a basis, we also conduct full investigation "experiments". These include, but are not limited to:

  • Familiar time experiments (FTE).
  • Familiar event experiments (FEE).
  • Familiar object experiments (FOE).
  • Moment of silence audio sessions (MOS).
  • Provoke and objectify experiments (POE).