Chronology of Publications

I have subscribed to a number of publications involved in the research of mythology, historical reconstruction, astronomy, and catastrophic evolution.

I have taken the table of contents of the respective publications, saved them in Access data base tables, and then converted them into HTML tables. References to specific articles could be made from other site pages. I would like to present these lists of scientific papers that help further our understanding of our universe. Eventually I would like to create links between pages - kind of like footnotes.

In the major media outlets, there are often articles or television shows that describe ancient events, biblical events, and even NASA probes. In other publications or web sites that do not get such widespread exposure, there are articles and investigative reports about those same topics. It seems that so many times, what has been discussed or revealed is ignored. Sometimes old arguments that have been dismissed are resurrected as if still valid. Perhaps these publications that are not part of the mainstream media are not always 100% proven but that is always possible with investigations and/or theories. However, it is also possible that many of these are closer to the truth than the views typically published. I have seen articles and television shows that hold up various views as false - and then the reader or viewer is left with the impression that all similar views should be dispensed in a similar manner. If one reads only a portion of the articles (referenced here) that have been published in the last 30 years, the reader should sense that there is so much more that is already known or at least has been investigated regarding these topics than is conveyed by the popular media.

Recently, all the issues of both Pensee and Kronos, and most issues of Aeon as well as a number of other publications have been released on a single CD - a major milestone for catastrophism research. There is a web site that offers information about the CD contents (Catastrophism), as well as how to purchase one (Catastrophism CD).

Pensee IVR Issues - Pensee (Immanuel Velikovsky Reconsidered) is no longer published. It was published from 1972 to 1974.

Kronos Issues - Kronos is no longer published. It was published on nearly a quarterly basis from 1975 to 1988.

Aeon Issues - Aeon is an active publication (since 1988), published a few times each year.
Aeon information is available via the Aeon web site: Aeon.

Thoth Issues - Thoth is an ongoing electronic newsletter.
Thoth is available via the Kronia web site: Kronia.

I have read many books on these matters. I have listed those that I consider relevant.

Relevant books to the study of catastrophism and religion

Relevant books to my interest in Zen


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