Equine Destination
Welcome to the Equine Destination. This is a simulation equine game run by me, Bridgett O'Clair.  I once ran a SIM game called Horse Heaven, which became too informal and turned out not being what I had hoped for, so I retired from it and passed it onto a friend of mine.  I have higher hopes for Equine Destination
In this game, you will recieve two horses to do as you please with.  You may sell, breed, board, lease, or do whatever you want with them.  Please visit the rules page to discover more about what you must do *don't worry, the rules are short and sweet*.  You will also recieve $100,000.00 to do as you please.  You may start a barn (with approval from me, of course).
To join, you don't have to e-mail me or anything too hard.  Just go to the joining board, and follow directions from there.  I should get back to you within a week, depending on if school gets too stressing that week or not.
I know people have lives, and I do too.  I ask that you take into consideration that I am a senior in high school, and I can get quite busy looking at colleges and crap like that, so don't get too frustrated if I don't reply to your posts immediately.
You may interact with other members on the message board, but please, try to keep it a
little formal.  Don't post about your real life problems or anything.  If you're going to be gone, or need to quit or something, please go to the Real Life message board and post there.  Thanks a bunch,

                                                         Bridgett O'Clair
                                               Owner Of Equine Destination
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