Divorce Courts in Israel: Emotional and Strategic Support

Hard-won experience in facing some of the greater horrors of divorcing in Israel means we can help guide you when you feel your marriage is facing collapse. Together we can:

1. Look at all available options for mediation, and assess what hope is left for developing a post-divorce relationship of trust - especially when children are involved.

2. Guide you through the system including:

-finding the right lawyer for you. -opening files, and other legal procedure -dealing with the social services and custody decision-makers -what to expect in the rabbinical or civil courts -how to get yourself and your children out of Israel, if that is what you want. -dealing with the police, and other authorities, when you are the "foreigner".

3. Escort you through the process of grief and inner healing as you move on from the marriage to recreate yourself.

4. In extreme cases where your ex has a personality disorder or behaves with undue cruelty towards you and the children during or after the divorce, we have the experience to identify the behavior and methods to manage it.

5. To open the heart at depth towards the children caught in the middle of a marital breakdown.

Call Georgina now for a free telephone consultation or to arrange an appointment: 0774280012; 0524 297196

or e-mail: Veratherapy@yahoo.com

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