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Well, I don't really have a farmhouse, yet, but I'm working on it! What I do have are three beautiful children! Please, come on in....let's sit in the kitchen, next to the cozy antique stove and warm ourselves. teapot
UPDATE!! Well, things have sure changed at our house! I was married to a wonderful man in August. Patrick and I, together, have five children! I have included a Wedding Album for you to enjoy. As time allows, I will include more photos. I have begun my website design business called Cranberry Lane Webcrafters and hope to be quite successful.
LOOK!! This is so neat! I won this award today (February 13, 2000)! Cricket visited me, and sent me this award (Thanks Cricket...and I will visit you soon!!) Click on the award to check out her site, but be sure and tour my farmhouse first!
Here in Maine it is getting quite chilly, winter is in the air. Why not join me for a toasty fireside chat? Now you sit back, put your feet up, I'll make us a spot of tea.
While you sip your tea, take a look at this, I won it November 20, 1998! Thanks so much, Graham of the Heartland Hallmark Committee!!
Way back in December of 1997, I won this Heartland Award of Excellence! Heartland Award of Excellence
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After the tea we can take a tour of my farm house. Would you like that? I'm glad. I do love having company. When we are done with the tour, I hope you'll have had a wonderful time and will plan on returning again soon. Now....I think the tea is ready....and how about some fresh home-made peanut butter cookies? My favorite!
peanut butter cookies!
Since you've come into the kitchen through the back door (backdoor friends are best you know! *wink*), I am sure you noticed the navigational map I provide for all my guests. No? You didn't see it? Well, better go back and get one. You'll need it for this old house! There is a link there for all my webrings.

Great, now we can go from here into the Living Room. This is where I keep things that are dear to my heart, such as foster care. In the Living Room, you can learn about my foster children, as well as my hero.
The old photo albums! Beyond that is the Front Parlor. This is where I keep all my family memorabilia. I have been tracing my family tree. I have over two thousand names in this genealogy book! Come with me to the Front Parlor you can get comfy in the old rocker that's in there, and take a look at the book.
Or we could go into the Library and look at some of the awards and game prizes I have won. Over here is my office were I have information on building your own website. I have put together several easy to read directions. I hope you enjoy them. Then again, if you would rather not sit down right now, we can walk through the dining room.
My grandmother on my father's side ("Hi, Gramma and Grampa!") always hangs her family photos in this room. Following in her footsteps, I also hang mine there. If you would like to see my collection of photographs we can go to the Dining Room now. The photo's here are newer family photos. The old photos from way back when, are in an album in the attic. This photo to the right is my grandparents wedding photo. My grandfather recently passed away, and I have found it very difficult to trace his family line. You may be able to help, please check out this newsflash to see if you are a vital link in my family tree! a wedding in 1937
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school Oh, I see you noticed the kids are all home. Wondering why? Well, we homeschool, have been doing it for going on four years now. There's a ton of homeschoolers in Maine! We've found it sure does take up alot of space! These old farmhouses often had summer kitchens, and well, with such a large family home all day, we needed an extra room. So we've converted that old seasonal kitchen into a schoolroom. Let's go visit the kids and see what they've been up to. The Schoolroom is just through that door there.
Careful not to step on the cat...

Dizzy Dean...we miss you!

This kitty is named "Dizzy",
in memory of my cat 'Dizzy Dean' who if off to better catnip.

After that, there is just the garden to wander through. Of course, this time of year, there isn't much there. The leaves have almost all fallen from the trees, we can make a pile and jump in if you'd like? Or we could just watch the kids do that! The garden
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