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Hey everyone!! Welcome to my scrapbook!! My little family lives in beautiful North Carolina! But we are originally from Texas! I think Texas will always be a very important place in our lives. It will be in our hearts forever. Our hometown is Lubbock. Here are some links to learn more about it too!

Click for Lubbock, Texas Forecast

Official Lubbock Chamber of Commerce Page
The Lubbock Mall


Aaron is a United States Marine! We love it! The Marine Corps is a great place to be! Sure it has its ups and downs, but it is great for the most part! Right now he is a Corporal with Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron at MCAS Cherry Point Aaron recently got a new homepage up and running too. There is so much about him that I love that I decided it was better to put it all on Aaron's Home on the Web. There are also many other sites on the web dedicated to the Marine Corps. Check some of them out.

Marine Corps League
Marine Corps League National Headquarters
Marine Corps Brotherhood
Marine Corps Edition
Marine Guestbook
Marine Corps Hymn
Parris Island
Sgt. Grit
Joshua Icore's Homepage

The graphic below is just a token of support for the US Military at home and abroad in their many endeavors. Please copy the graphic or click on it and take a moment to check out the site of support.

Supporting Our Troops at Home and at Sea


I am a stay at home Mom! I love it! I wouldn't change that for the world! We have a 5 year old named Dalton. He has his own page too, Dalton's Very Own Bat Cave. We also have a 2 year old little boy named Daryl! He will have his page up and running soon! Boy am I in trouble when they hit their teens!!!! Here are some of my favorite kids sights!

PBS Online
Disney Online
StorkNet - The Pregnancy, Childbirth and Parenting
Welcome to the Stork Site
Julie's Counting Page
Topher's Castle

Devipup Buddies Webring

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Cool Dawg

I do spend a lot of time online because I am the "leader" of a Marine wives support system online. There are about 100 of us. We are all married or engaged to active duty US Marines. We are the Marine Wives Email Loop. Check us out. If you want to join us just email me!! Also here are some of the other wives and fiance's pages. Visit them too!!

yellow rose yellow rose This Marine Wives Ring site is owned by

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Suite 101
I write a biweekly article for I write on the best of the web for military spouses. It is all web sites either for or made by military spouses. Check out my new page just for it. I would love to have some ideas and input too.

Duncan and AbbeyWe have a wonderful dog in our family, Duncan. Duncan is a 5 year old Australian Shepard/Blue Healer mix. She is very playful and energetic. She is a wonderful part of our family as well. The picture on the right is of her and our other dog Abbey who just passed away. She now shines brightly on her DogStar. We miss her very very much.

quilts on fence

I love to do crafts. I think it is kind of a stress reliever! Here are some of my favorite craft sites! Check them out!!

Crafts Fair Online
Scrapbooking Bulletin Board
Aunt Annie's Craft Page
Which ? Crafts

families are forever

I also do a lot of family history research! I think that your family roots are very important. After all, they are who made you who you are today! And they went through a lot to make your life better in many ways! Here are some great genealogy sites!

Treasure Maps
Genealogy Home Page


One of my other favorite things is........

Here are a few of my favorite Tigger sites!!

100 Akre Canyon
Enchanted Place

If you would like to email me, click here!!
(If any of you have tried to email me and got it back, I have fixed it. My old email address was on there. It should work now. Sorry.)

Friends and Family


Also visit some of my friends and family's sites!! Great people and places!! Enjoy!!

KrisGlitterstim's Home Page
This is my sisters page! It is really cool!! Lots about our home town there too!!

BearSam's Home Page
This is my friend Sam's page. She is married to a Marine too!!
USASubwife's Home Page for Friends and Family of Navy Personnel
This is a great page by another military wife.

USAWave's Homepage
This is another wonderful page by a military wife.

USAMilitary Spouse Support Network
This is a great site by a military wife to get support and meet people.

USAMilitary Wives Corner
This is a great site to meet people and get support.

USATop's Tun Tavern of the Web
This is a wonderful site by a Marine. Lots of great links and info.

We are an LDS family! LDS is Latter-Day Saints, or Mormon. To learn more about our religion and what we really believe check out some of the great sites below!


The Dodson's LDS Page

Garden of Eden

The Official Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Page

LDS Internet Resources

All About Mormons

Deseret Book On-Line

Latter-Day Magazine Online

iron rod

Young Wives Young Wives This Young Military Wives' site is owned by

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Please check out my thanks page that I share with my hubby and sons pages! I have links to the places where we got our backgrounds and graphics there!! Thanks!!!

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