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I am Joey
My Mom said she didn't want a Home Page. She had nothing she wanted to share 
with the world. I gave her my saddest boxer look. Then she mumbled something 
about me, being 'just another boxer'. Now that hurt! 

She gave in, though. Otherwise I would have had to take stronger measures, 
such as skipping a meal. The thought alone makes me shiver. 

 I , Joey, am a five year old male boxer and I live with my Mom, Jennie. She takes me on long walks here in Tucson, Arizona. I run through the wash (that is Arizonan for a dry river bed), chasing coyotes and playing with my friends: Max, Rusty, Spud, Lilly, Lucy, Mac, Luther, and many more. 
Lilly's Mom is a great frisbee thrower and, as you can see, I happen to be a 
great catcher. Besides, she always brings the best homemade treats... 


Talking about food, (one of my favorite topics), my Mom cooks all my meals 
herself. And I tell you, she does a good job. I love my food. She heard 
about it on the Boxer Mailing List.  

One of my favorite people is: my aunt Eugenie. She is my Mom's sister. I liked her from the very start. I was just a baby, six weeks old, when Mom took me home with her. 
In this picture you see Mom and me with my Mom's mother, grandma Lucy. I like her too, for she has a generous hand of feeding me! And what's more, both of them just can't resist my pleading looks.... 

I didn't care for my Mom then. She spoke with a weird accent, for she is from the Netherlands. But I got used to her and her accent. Now I love her, though, esp. when she gives me treats.  


I love children, like most boxers. My favorites are Danny, Lucas , Vera and 
Daniel. I think they like me, too. When Vera was five, she wanted to trade 
me in for her baby brother, but my Mom wouldn't let her.  

For those of you who are into names, my Dad Cabby was a Strawberry boxer. I 
don't know if that means he was good at picking strawberries, but what is in 
a name. A boxer by any other name would smell as sweet. Well, you know what 
I mean. We won't talk about smell... It's all my Mom's fault anyhow, for she 
feeds me broccoli instead of strawberries...  

Have you checked out the Boxer Home Page yet? There are lots of boxer pictures there, all friends of mine. 

Have a great day with many treats and hugs! 
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This BOXER Ring site is owned by Joey. 

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