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What's new for January 16...

So, if finally have begun my trek toward up-to-datedom!  I have added Holly's review of Millennium for all to read.  Her profile and newer reviews will be up shortly.  I've also done some general tidying and so you should expect some new rumours in the next week. Blame work!  Starbucks has been phenomenal.

New for this week...

Several computer crashes, Grade 12 studies and working full-time over the Christmas holidays has prevented any updates thus far. For that I am so truly sorry.  Holly has been dutifully providing detailed and engaging weekly reviews which will start appearing this week and I have finally begun the slow and tedius process of rebuilding the site and its contents.

I have updated the picture gallery and added about 8 or 9 new sounds from Millennium and more recent episodes to the sound booth.   The quizlet in the Weekly Update area is brand new, and while Holly's review for Millennium isn't in there as of yet, the QOTW is.  RumourAlert has been cleaned up a bit but not updated extensively.

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