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Merry met, good friends! Come sit with me by the fire, my cauldron is on to boil, I have some stories to tell, maybe give you a spell? or potion? maybe just some old-world knowledge?

In medieval times every village had a wise-woman. They were many things to the village, they were midwives, healers in a time when doctors were few and far between, counselors in times of crisis, herbalists, environmentalists. Our term witch is derived from the words wicca, or wise.

You have stumbled across the village wise-woman's croft. Take a look around, make yourself at home, I hide nothing, and I give freely. Although those who follow the path are sure to find something either useful, or at least familiar, it is my hope that those who do not follow the path will find something to take with them as well, whether that be a gardening tip, a spell for prosperity, or just some knowledge of my craft and an openmind. I love to know who my visitors are, please sign my gustbook below, or send me an e-mail, or both if you are so inclined. And I am very open to taking readers tips, (I will give proper credit where it is due, rest assured!), so feel free to send me ideas, recipes, tips, whatever you like.

So much has been happening since we last visited my sweet guests! Not only has my fledgling company, Medieval, taken off and grown beyond my wildest expectations (we were on the E Channel's "Fashion Television",and have been featured in W Magazine, Victoria, Glamour, Vegetarian Times, Jane, Cosmo, to name just a few! Wow!), but the Wytche has gotten engaged! Yes, indeed, to the very same man who, if you have been a regular visitor and have seen my Body, Mind and Soul page, you'll recall has been known to bring me breakfast in bed on many occasions! Yes, the dear thing finally proposed and we have set a date of March 17th, 2001 (which is St. Patrick's Day, and you all know how perfect that is for me!) I have been in a flurry of white velvet fabric choosing, red rose vendor picking, bagpiper auditioning, and Goddess knows what else, but somehow have found the time to decide that I would like to add a page to this site detailing my plans as they come along, with, of course, the grand finale after the day itself! I hope you won't find this terribly vain, but I am after all, excited about this! And if I can help one poor confused Medieval bride find an answer to a dilemna, well, then, my work is done...
On a much sadder note, and I hesitate to even include this here amongst the joyous news, my familiar (the gay cat, to all my regular guests), has passed away this last December. He was 13, and found a quiet spot in the corner of my backyard, underneath a tree and away from all my dogs, where he could go in peace. He orchestrated the whole thing very well, I must say. He was missing for five days ( I was frantic!), and on Yule, December 21st, when he knew I had plans to spend an evening with my two closest friends, my witch friends, he 'let' himself be found by me. My friends came over soon after, as planned, and sat with me holding a vigil for him most of the night. I cry for him every day, and feel like so much of my magic has gone with him, but I await the day the Goddess brings him back to me, and rejoice in the life we had together while he was here! If you have a moment, spare a thought for him for me!
mo anam charaid
My sweet Palo

may he rest in peace and return to me soon.

Anyway, I have included a link to the Medieval Bath and Body Website below (that's my company, if you don't know), if you want to take a look to see what all the fuss is about. The site has recently been redone (yet again!) and is now on it's way to being the site I always dreamed of...very exciting! As for the wedding, I am adding a link in my list of other links below. This page will obviously be growing over time, so check back often if you are interested. Merry met, my sweets! Glad to have you visit, as always! If you need anything, please don't hesitate to email me, if I can help, you know I will!
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This week's useful and fun thing to try from Wytche:
Plaster your car with strange vampire, and witchcraft bumper stickers, then wave cheerfully and enthusiastically at all the cars with "I love Jesus" bumper stickers on them that you drive past.

My own personal motto...
"I generally remain at home during the day, it is my time for rest. I belong you should know to that class of person's who turn day into night and night into day. And who love everything uncommon and peculiar." ( Anonymous, 1860 from "The Mysterious Stranger" )

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