The Innsmouth Archive

Welcome to The Innsmouth Archive. This page was originally created to have as its primary purpose, the archiving of poetry based on the strange and wonderful concepts created by Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Due to a lack of time it is now primarily useful as a page to view my own efforts at Mythosian prose and poetry. I will still keep the original Mythos sections as it now is but will have little time to add additional work. I will also strive to update the Mythos links and see that they are current.

There is little I can say about H.P.L. that has not been said better by others. In my opinion he was, and still is, the most influential person in 20th century horror/fantasy literature.

I want to thank the following people for inspiration: H.P.Lovecraft, Paul Berglund, Peter Worthy, James Ambuehl, Frank Searight, Boyd Pearson, Ran Cartwright, Stan Sargent, Corey Whitworth, James Gruetzmacher and Ian Davey.

For fans of the Star Trek Customizable Card Game as well as other items there are pages and links maintained by Danny Shiflet. Enjoy!

Photo of H.P.Lovecraft borrowed from the Shub-Niggurath Fanclub Homepage