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Welcome, friends, to the Palace! You have entered into the splendor and magnificence of the Faerie Nobility and Sidhe Homepage. Wander the halls and browse through the rooms, and make what you can of it. Within the walls of the Palace lies something for everyone- Seelie or Unseelie, socalite or politician, scholar or simply curious. The Palace is quite extensive- explore it all! I am terribly sorry that a few of the rooms aren't fully completed yet, especially in the Unseelie area, but rest assured that they will be soon, and a majority of the rooms are. I also apologize for my long absense from the site, but I am going to attempt to update it again since I have noticed that some of the links no longer work. If you are interested, there are some interactive rooms now, featuring a message board and a chat room.


Please, as you enter the Palace, pause a moment here to sign your name and perhaps a few thoughts in The Visitor's Book for all see.

Step in The Library and see the who else has graced the Palace in the past by their presence.

  • Here is your guide to the Palace:

    Each of the four wings of the Palace contain more rooms pertaining to the theme of that wing.

  • The West Wing is the political part of the palace where rulers meet to discuss how to rule fairly and justly over the other Kithain.

  • In the East Wing gather the socially elite to discuss the finer points of the Noble social graces.

  • To meet other Kithain and find what other Nobles and Sidhe feel about the other Kiths and Prodigals as well as how to deal with them, step into the North Terrace

  • Arts and Glamour flow freely in the South Menagerie , and much can be learned from the Crystal Circle Members who frequent the section of the palace.

    If you prefer the darker side, descend into The Dungeon where there are more rooms concerning the Unseelie part of our nature.

    Looking for ideas for characters either for you or for your Chronicle? Come outside and look through the Tailor's Shoppe for one that will suit your needs.

    Please, step intoThe Courtyard and chat with whomever else is in the palace right now. This chatroom is open at all times, but at these times you are more likely to meet other fae there:

    Please note: All times are listed in US Central Standard Time

  • Open Court- 3:00-4:00 PM
    Closed Court- 12:30-2:00 AM
    Privy Council- by appointment


    Guests Since August, 2002!

    If you can't stay and chat, but still want to say something to the other Changelings visiting the PalacePost a message on the Courtyard door

    In the case that you have enjoyed this page, do inform others of it. Perhaps one day this will be the home for all fae nobility on the Web, but I cannot do it without your help. All I can promise is that if you revisit The Changeling Palace that I will continually expand it and keep it current. Much thanks to you for stopping here, I hope you have enjoyed your stay.
    ~Duchess Rokzana

    The Palace isn't quite what you're looking for? Beyond this portal is The Silver Path where you can hop on a trod to another site.

    A good source of how to assume the role of a Noble Changeling can also be found by reading Shakespeare's "A Midsummer's Night Dream" and paying attention to the characters Oberon and Titania as well as Puck somewhat.
    (Puck is a good source for pranks!)

    Do return someday, and invite your friends- we anxiously await your arrival. Our hospitality is extended to everyone if anyone cares to accept it.

    "Off of this page do not desire to go- thou shalt remain here whether thou wilt or no. For I am a spirit of no common rate, the summer still doth tend upon my state."

    If you want to add your link to my links page, please e-mail Lady Rokzana and feel free to add a link to this page on yours if you would like.

    Interested in making easy money on the Web? Make a quick stop into the Treasury of the palace.

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