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1. Top 10 Signs You're At A Bad Doctor Who Convention

Doctor Who's (slightly fabricated) History!

Click on any of the above volumes for scandalous insight into the Doctor's lives!

I've decided to celebrate nearly four years without an update by updating to say that there still is no update! Yes, the TimeHamster lives. Even small, furry animals on Gallifrey can regenerate. Anyway, the doctor himself is apparently soon to regenerate, so perhaps that will bring about a few new entries. Perhaps... Anyway, I am thankful for people who still find and read this site. In Cyberspace, it's always new to somebody.


A Top 10 List was added. Boy, we can't get enough of those, can we?


Look for further updates to come on Sundays (or close to it).

The 1999 Favorite Diary Entry Poll Winners

Greetings, I am The TimeHamster.

Thanks to the steadfast trust of my master, I've been able to get my sticky little paws on his journals and bring them to you for a sneak peak! You'll also find a couple ideas I pitched for novels about the Doctor. As the publishers did not trust a hamster's literary prowess, the book synopses will only be available on this web-site.
Comments? Please mail me.

Note: I've taken a couple diary entry submissions from others in the past, but no longer do so because I like to keep the Diary manageable and a product of my own ideas. Thanks.

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The Eighth Doctor Comic Strip Guide: This is my other page, which provides reviews and descriptions of the 8th Doctor strips published in Doctor Who Magazine. It is of a more serious nature, but will keep you versed in the life of the comic Doctor.

Note: This site was never updated and is deader than Adric. The 8th Doctor Who strips were great but I had to cut the magazine from my budget about a year ago. I still think the strips deserve a page of their own and have my old magazines. If anyone wants to part with the magazines I'm missing for cheap, I might find the motivation to finish this site. :-)

This site should be updated every Sunday (in Plutonian years, maybe!), but the mailing list will send you notification of any new items. Also, you may join just to chat up Dr. Who with fellow list members (And that has happened less frequently than the Sixth Doctor wins the Sane Mind Charity Bowl.). In the spirit of this site, insanity and irreverence are encouraged. It's easy to join:

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And there ya have it. :-)

Many have blasphemed the great Doctor since December 8th, 1996! SHAME!!! Unfortunately, the counter stopped working somewhere around 2000.

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