Pictures of the Emily Cast As Themselves

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Updated November 11th.

Martha MacIsaac and Jessica Pellerin

Sheila McCarthy and Martha MacIsaac

Sarah Briand (Young Emily Byrd Starr)

Emily Cara Cook (Rhoda Stuart)

Richard Donat (Dr. Burnley)

Adam Frost (Jack Hazard)

Kris Lemche

Sheila McCarthy

Sheila McCarthy & her husband Peter Donaldson

Sheila McCarthy, Peter Donaldson, Drew Donaldson, MacKenzie Donaldson and their dog Bob

Stephen McHattie

Jessica Pellerin

Shawn Roberts

Linda Thorson
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Eric Uren (Dean Priest)

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Pictures of the Emily Cast As Themselves ~ Page 2

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Gemini Awards pictures from the Official Gemini Awards site
Sarah Briand, Emily Cara Cook & Richard Donat pictures from the Actra site

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