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We have two beautiful children and we'd like to brag a bit and show them off here. You'll be able to learn more about them and see more pictures on their own pages. I have just updated this page and their 1999 and current pic pages---Oct 15, 1999.

Our 1st child was born on December 17, 1997. That was the day we welcomed Meagan Renee Casey into the world. She has red hair (though it looks more orangey than anything) and blue eyes. We picked the name 'Meagan' because it was one of the few Irish names we liked the sound of. Both my husband and I being Irish, having an Irish name for our child was very important to us. It stands for 'pearl', which she definently is. We also made double sure that the hospital spelled it correctly, as this is the Irish spelling. The 'Renee' was chosen because it flowed well with the 'Meagan'. It is French for 'born again'.

What you talkin' 'bout?!

She is now 22 months old, and is our little 'Hurricane'. She is always on the go, generally trucking her dollys and stuffed animals from room to room, or just running in circles around the house. She likes to talk on the telephone, but doesn't seem to want to talk to anyone but her 'Uncle' Riney, a friend of the family. Her favorite book is Animals on the Farm, a 'Look and Learn' book. She also likes to play peek-a-boo with Matt, and has recently begun to learn Hide-and-Seek. She's a pretty finicky eater, but she's just discovered sweet pickles, and so now she wants 'piii-ellls' all day long! lol Her favorite animal just HAS to be birds! She is forever wanting to go outside to see the 'birrs!' hehe Her latest trick is to climb into the crib at naptime and bedtimes, to sleep with Matt. He doesn't seem to mind, and since I have not figured out a way to keep her from doing it, I've just come to accept the fact that her little bed stays empty.

She really loves her little brother and delights in making him laugh. She likes to call "Maaaa" (Matt) and hunker down like she's going to call a cat or dog and tell him 'Cmere'. She's recently taken to 'reading' to him, 'feeding' him, and 'discplining' him, telling him "no, no" if he tries to eat a piece of paper or pull on her leg. Another favorite of hers (not his!!!) is to ride their bouncy horse together...complete with hats. Matt likes the horse himself, but can't stand that hat! lol


One year and 12 days after Meagan, came Matthew (Matt) Ryan Casey, the little guy that has stolen Meagan's (and Mommy and Daddy's) heart. He slipped in just in time for that tax deduction on December 29, 1998. (Daddy is still thanking him for making it in time). He has curly brown hair and the most beautiful blue eyes!

Matthew was named after his late grandfather, in a fashion. His grandfather's name was William Matthew. The deciding factor was when we found out what 'Matthew' meant. It is Hebrew for 'gift of God'. As, the kids were so close together, we could have had a lot of problems, but we were blessed and only suffered more backaches than the previous pregnancy. We felt that this child was surely a gift from God, so Matthew it was. But, we still didn't have an Irish name. After searching through many Irish names, we hit upon 'Ryan', which meant 'little king'. That was approriate, and it sounded good with Matthew so there we had it; a well-balanced, meaningful name with a little Irish to boot!

Chicken noodle...YUM-YUM!!!

xxxx Matt got off to a rough start in life. He started having major problems gaining weight and then keeping it on, as well as diarrhea..for about 7mo. We're happy to report, though, that at (almost) 10mos old, he has become the absolute cutest, chunkiest little thing you ever did see! =) He weighs 18lbs now, so he's not only met, but exceeded our goal of keeping him at the 10th percentile by 9mo! His height has yet to catch up, but we're still hopeful. He's 25.25" tall right now, so you can see, that he really DOES look like a chunk of hunk, carrying all that weight on such a short little body. hehe

He's completely off formula now. We decided that since his problems started when he was on breastmilk, got a teeny bit better on formula, then cleared up a LOT once we started him on solids, that the logical thing to do was to discontinue the formula. He eats regular table food, meats, veggies, fruits, and lots of milk, juice, and water. =) The kid will eat anything you put in front of him and lots of it! Of course, his favorites are still cookies, but isn't every kids'??

He can stand up with support now, and likes to creep along the furniture...oh! and he likes to shake the endtables/floorlamp, etc. too! He doesn't, however, like the bit about getting in trouble afterwards! It won't be long and he'll be running all over everywhere!! =)

An afternoon out of the sun

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