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This page is related to Guiding in Portsmouth, U.K.
Hopefully, eventually it will have some input from the girls in the city.

Currently information can be found on Guiding at The Guide Association web site and on Portsmouth at The Resort Guide

What do Guides do?

All members of the Guide Association, whether they are Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Rangers, Young Leaders, Adult Leaders or members of the Trefoil Guild enjoy having fun.

The original image of Guides tying knots and doing First Aid is gradually being dispelled (although these activities do still take place). Guides enjoy a wide and varied programme - walking, raising money for charities, camping, taking part in Carnivals, canoeing, clearing woods, doing archery, washing Police cars, cooking outdoors, visiting the Fire Station - to name a few activities Guides have taken part in in Portsmouth.

Where is Portsmouth?

Portsmouth is a city on the south coast of the U.K., near the Isle of Wight. It is, in fact, an island, separated from the mainland by about 10m of water.

The city of Portsmouth is divided into three Divisions:

  1. Portsmouth North
  2. Portsmouth Central
  3. Portsmouth South

The three Portsmouth Divisions jointly own a campsite about 20 miles from the city. Sandy Acres is suitable for Brownie Pack Holidays, Guide or Ranger Indoor Holidays, or Guide Camps.

Do you have happy memories of Guiding when you were younger?

Are you away from home, perhaps at University, and would like to continue with Guiding?

Could you be a Guider?

Guiding can teach you many skills that can be useful in a working environment

...Communication...Team Building...Planning

Guiding can give you opportunities to do activities you may otherwise be unable to take part in

...mountaineering...community service...international expeditions...

Most importantly, Guiding is fun

Useful resources

This page includes links to activities, games and days out which may be useful for programme planning. Updated 08-Sep-99
If you don't live in Portsmouth, but are curious about Guiding where you live, try one of these sites. You may find your neighbourhood listed here.


Added 27-Aug-99

Two Guiders and three Guides/ Young Leaders from Portsmouth attended the World Camp, along with 27 other girls and two leaders from the rest of Hampshire East. Some of their experiences can be found on a new website at http://www.fortunecity.com/marina/seafarer/469/

The World Camp was held at Foxlease near Lyndhurst, from 24th-31st July 1999 to celebrate the 75th Anniversiary of the first World Camp held at the same place in 1924. There were more than 3000 people from over 50 different countries present. The theme was "Peace, Vision, Power".

Added 25-Mar-99

The South West Region of the Guide Association is holding its Annual General Meeting in Portsmouth in July 1999. The meeting will be held in Admiral Lord Nelson School in Portsmouth Central, but there will be excursions to other parts of the city.

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