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As you will see...I am interested in many different subjects!
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This is my Adopted Guardian Angel

On my pages, I have My Family Genealogy, Information on mIRC, Wavs, Popups, Pictures of family and friends, angels, holiday gifs, and Links to some other interesting pages (in my opinion anyways), and some pictures of my Favorite "Hunks"...I'm not telling you who they gotta go through my "world" to see "them" lol!!.

In August of 1998
We went on a FANTASTIC Tour of Scotland!
We met some really nice people on our trip..and stay in touch with a few of them now that we are home.
I have scanned a "few" pictures that I took in Scotland :)
And gladly share them with your here! (Just click on the Scotland Link below.)

My Genealogy Pages include:
Antol,Chytrocek(Hytrocek),Duncan,Gibbs,Lee,McClain,McQuillan,Thompson and Turner.
My genealogy is mainly concentrated in Scotland, Cambria County,(South Fork) Pennsylvania...and Fayette County,(Wheeler) Pennsylvania.

Kristin(Our oldest daughter) and Taliesin were married on June 13, 1998.

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If you like to chat..get mIRC! When I am in mIRC you will most likely still find me in #PopInn.
I hope you enjoy my pages..and check out my "Links" page to see some of my irc friends pages.
You just never know what you may find there! :)

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This is my award that I made for my Circle Of Friends...So I decided to just post it on my page too. hehe ;)

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