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Yes.... SingaBetta recieves its first makeover ever snice year 1999.
Of course, there are much rearrangment to be done. New photos will
be updated and new stocks posted.

What lies in a name? That which we call a betta, by other name would look as beautiful. Year 2001 have indeed been a fruitful year. I got the opportunity to obtained show quality crowns 
and was able to share them with the people around me. I am sure most of them enjoyed the company of those fishes.

I have some new stocks growing up. I suppose it will be red blue bi-colour. 
It should be ready for sale around May. I will be accepting reservations from now. You do not need to pay up first. I will just hold on to the fishes and inform you when they are ready for sale. Price yet to decide.

   (14/05/2002) Yes! The red blue bi-colour are on sale now. They are still pretty small, but have started
finning out. They are starting to nip at each other and I have jarred a few. I do have a couple of them 
for sale. Most of them are red fins and blue body. Very contrasting and most of them have their colours
break cleanly. I do expect some Halfmoons from this spawn, as dad is a HM male and mum is a delta female.
I do have some black red butterfly and a few melanoes. Expect great offsprings from them!!! SALE!

  ( 23/09/2002) Limited Extended Reds are for sale. F2 generation from 
Peter Goettner's Male X Gilbert Limhengco's female.

j0105188.wmf (10986 bytes)  (25/11/2002') New photos have been added.. Take a peep...!


I would like to express my gratitude towards
my Lord and Saviour Jesus for His blessing
throughout these years. He Is King! Amen!





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