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   Once again another year had passed without a page update.  I have some new pictures of the F355 with the suspension build.  The fiberglass I received was warped severly, especially on the hood and front fenders.  Much time is being spent to reshape the doors and hood to make it right.   I almost just started over, but am using what I have.  More on this later. 
    I have aquired two more silly animals and have new pics on the 'dogs' link below.  I hope to really get going on this thing and get it ready for paint by spring.


  Here is a picture of the car show I went to this year.  It was a typical rod and custom show with mostly bowties and ovals.  I did not have the only replica in the show, as you can see.  I also did not have the only import auto at the show.  I did win first place for 'Best Import'.  Most of the judges had no idea what they were looking at, even though the engine compartment and hood were up all day long.  I feel I was the main attraction at the show.
For F355 spyder buildup!
Pics of the Corvette ZO6!!!
Pictures of some of my others
Pics of Wrecked Ferrari's
Pics of Weiner Dogs and Cats
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