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Welcome to Reggie's Home Page
I hope the "New Year" came in OKAY, for you, no chaos or anything hopefully! If you didn't hear about it, there were a few areas of real chaos !?! And you may not know this, but,... we may still be in for a bumpy ride !?! One bump may be Feb.29th! Well, there was a small bump in Japan, and else where!
The New Millennium was on 01/01/01!
I keep making improvements on my site! Notice the moving truck!
Please, PLEASE,... keep checking back! (This is FUN !!)

Hey! Praise the Lord! You made it! When your through looking around here, go to My 2nd Home Page
I just finshed another Web Page! I have some neat pictures there, just click here!
And if you just surfed in straight away, go check out my Start-Up Home Page
To see my Oldest Boy's pictures from Israel just click here!

I little bit about me:
I'm semi-retired, I was a project/process design engineer for a company that designed and manufactured process heaters for refineries all over the world. My daughter, has two wonderful children, and she, along with her husband, live in the northwest. She is my youngest. My oldest, one of two sons, was in Israel. My other son, lives with his mother, near the west coast. My folks have, 10 great-grandchildren, 8 grandchildren, and three sons. (Yours truly is the middle one!) Along with my two brothers, we owned a trucking fleet, about 20 or so. Our grandfather, (Dad's father) started the business, back in the 20's. They're big single axle box type trucks. Now we're making some DRASTIC changes, were selling our trucks, and we're going to lease our trucks to cut back on maintance and overhead.
Christian music! Hey,.. love that stuff! You should check it out sometime! And, NO,.. it's not church songs put to different styles of music. In the past I've worked as roadie for;
Margaret Becker, Ray Boltz, Petra, Twila Paris, Carmen, Amy Grant,
Micheal W. Smith, DC Talk, & Sixpence None the Richer,... to name a few.
I've had the blessed opportunity to drive for; The Insyderz, Petra, Supertones, and Micheal Card.

A little something about what I believe in.

Last time I worked on this was: April 15th, 2003.
Well, this is my "Home Page", and, please, do check back!

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