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Welcome to ActorsStudio

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June Actress Of The Month
Gwyneth Paltrow

June Actor Of The Month
Jude Law

Here are the Ladies!

Gallery One-Jennifer Lopez
Gallery Two-Cameron Diaz
Gallery Three-Angelina Jolie
Gallery Four-Drew Barrymore
Gallery Five-Alicia Silverstone
Gallery Six-Gwyneth Paltrow
Gallery Seven-Salma Hayek
Gallery Eight-Catherine Zeta-Jones
Gallery Nine-Cate Blanchett

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Here are the Men!

Gallery One-Ewan McGregor
Gallery Two-Kevin Spacey
Gallery Three-Stephen Dorff
Gallery Four-Vince Vaughn
Gallery Five-Ethan Hawke
Gallery Six-Skeet Ulrich
Gallery Seven-Rupert Everett
Gallery Eight-Jonathan Rhys-Myers
Gallery Nine-Jude Law
Gallery Ten-Joseph Fiennes
Gallery Eleven-Matt Damon
Gallery Twelve-Ben Affleck
Gallery Thirteen-Christian Bale
Gallery Fourteen-Matthew McConaughey
Gallery Fifteen-River Phoenix
Gallery Sixteen-Tim Roth
Gallery Seventeen-Billy Zane
Gallery Eighteen-Russell Crowe
Gallery Nineteen-Ralph Fiennes

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