By Jennifer Rutherford

Me... a cartoon version, blatantly ripping off Daria

"Today that melodramatic teenager wrote all over me again. Every minor incident is a crisis of earth-shattering proportions. When is she going to get a life?!" -Finding your diary's diary, by Dan Piraro

"Life resembles a novel more often than novels resemble life."- George Sand

"My life is rapidly becoming the punch line to some seriously disturbed joke."- Dawson on Dawson's Creek

"I think I'd have a more positive outlook if all kinds of good things would start happening." Maxine from Crabby Road

If you know me, before you read any farther you'd better check here. For those of you who are new, check the links below- those will fill you in on who everyone is.
Why I'm Perverse Enough To Do This The title says it all, I think.
The Family Page On this page is a list of all of the family members that I'm most likely to mention.
The Friends & Others Page Here is a list of all of my friends, roommates, enemies, etc.
Photo Gallery A (very) few pictures of the players in my life's drama. Including me in non-cartoon form.
The Relationships Page The revolving door that is my love life.
The Random Facts Page A list of random facts about me.
The Terms Page And here's a list of things I might mention that have to do with either Davis or Livermore
And now . . . off to the posts!

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Web Soap Review My other web page. If you're into that sort of thing.
My Halfassed Homepage Finally, a web page that I can claim as a "homepage." Like almost all homepages, it's kinda crappy.

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