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Hi I'm crazy_b .
I am a fairly new resident at SouthBeach/Coral.
I hope to be a good member of your community.
Please come back soon and visit me. Scroll down for more info.
West Side Cartman

	This page is the way I will express my mind so
I would like it if you would e-mail and tell me what you think.
This is my first attempt at a web page or anything like it. I
just hope I can do well. So please come back to my web page I
will be making lots of changes, as I learn more about this
html stuff. Soon I ill put other stuff like games so everyone
who comes here can have more fun
As of now this site is under a total underhall in the making. There will be a drastic change in almost every aspect of this site.

Thank you,

Tha PingWin

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I got it for free at

This site is writen completely by my hands and imagination.
I guarantee that this site was not manufactures by a company,
a professional, or any program ouside of the basic notepad
program. My name is Brian Smith. If you like my work
and want me to design a site or have any questions
comments or any of the sort, e-mail me at
Thank you.

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