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Click here and feel the freedom!
Click here and feel the freedom!


Before you venture into Unexplored territory , please read the terms below to certify that you can Enter

1.You are of legal age to surf the net.

2.It is not illegal to view Webpages in your immediate vicinity.

3.You are not offended by website material.

4.You believe that craziness , madness and wackyness is a normal way of life and should be glorified instead of being hidden.

5.You are not accessing Web material to use against the site operator or any other person in any conceivable manner.

6.You are not , or have u ever been involved in any mental institution or Nut-House.

7.By logging on,u certify that any injuries suffered will not be compensated nor is the site operator liable of any brain damage caused intentionally.

8.You should at least have an IQ score of 0.1 to access the material inside.

9.You are required to Have FUN!!!

Take your Pick

Enter Here

Click Above for WaCkOlAnD!!! or Below if you Somehow miraculously failed to meet the terms.

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The DanceClub

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This page was created by Klaw on the 20th of June 1997

Last update was on the 25th of December , Christmas 1997(I know i have no life)

No living thing was hurt in the process of making this page...only thing hurting are my tired eyes

All characters depicted in the following are under the Protection of LAW

Thanks go to Kingy , Kenny's Brain(My Brain) and my uncle Bill Gates(NAH!!!!) for the creation of this page


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