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You suddenly find yourself floating in a dark void, with several doors floating around you. In front of one of the doors two people are standing on ladders hanging a sign, their backs to you. You look at the sign.

You turn your attention to the people on the ladders. From behind, they're nearly identical; they both have spiky black hair, although the one on the left wears it loose and it comes down to just below her shoulder blades, and they're wearing identical black coats. The one on the left, however, is slightly shorter and more slender than the one on the right.
"Okay, that's good," the one on the left says, then climbs down from the ladder and turns around. She doesn't look surprised to see you standing there, just a little annoyed. She runs one hand through her hair and sighs. "A human. Again. Oh, goody. Well, Gina will be happy that her idea's working so well, anyway." She sighs again, then plasters a clearly fake smile on her face and addresses you. "Hi! I am Azerus, daughter of Charm Lord Asellus. This is the Dark Labyrinth, the starting point for the tours. Princess Gina has come up with the idea of giving the humans tours of Chateau Aiguille in order to show them that we Mystics really aren't all that bad. We've got a real image problem, you know--completely undeserved. We're not all blood-sucking power-hungry psychos like Zozma here." She jerks a thumb at the man on the other ladder, who flashes you a grin before disappearing. "So anyway, I'm going to assume you're here for the tour. I'll be your guide. The tours are almost complete. All we have to do is track down Zozma. And Princess Gina still hasn't convinced Lord Asellus to open her chamber up to human strangers, not that I blame her... So, where do you want to go?"

Princess White Rose's Chamber
(information on the Mystics)

Lord Asellus's Chamber
(tips and hints about the game)

Princess Rei's Chamber
(artwork, both by Square and by fans)

Princess Lion's Chamber
(information on various attacks)

Ildon's Training Grounds
(information on magic)

Zozma's Bridge
(information on items, armor and weapons)

Mesarthim's Lake
(things for your computer)

Silence's Garden
(music from the game)

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