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The reason I decided to create this page; is that my mother, Betty J. Crow , is really into Collecting Business Cards (she tells me she has over 36,000 cards already!!!) . She is a member of the American Business Card Club ; and, I know she would love to hear from you if you would like to trade business cards (one for one) OR - even if you don't collect/trade business cards - maybe getting some of those ol' business cards you might have lying around 'n don't much need any longer... (hint)

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My name is: Lisa Yvette Selk-Moreno . I have my home page over in Heartland Acres (Grand Entrance to Lisa Selk's Home Pages!) which I initially created in an effort to try to locate (and hopefully contact) my daughter Amanda's father, Fernando "Franck" Lopez. It has now expanded to include many other things... After you check this page out and BOOKMARK it; please consider checking out the Table of Contents of my other pages!

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