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Hi and Welcome! My name is Joshua--but you can call me Josh or Critter because that's what all my friends call me. And since you stopped by, I sure hope we'll become friends.

I know you're just dying to know some stuff about me, so here goes. My full name is Joshua Ryan Cooper. I was born gay in Bennington, Vermont on July 11, 1981. I lived there with my parents and older brother until I was 13. We then moved to Florida, and that is where I currently live.

OOPS! Wait a second...did I say something that made you stumble? Uhh, maybe the thing about being born gay? Well, I'm serious. Hey, I've known that I was gay ever since I was a real little kid. No, I didn't know anything about sex when I was five or six years old, but I did know that I felt a special attraction to other boys in a way I didn't feel about girls.

But being gay is not ONLY about sex, there's a lot more to it than that. Being gay is a way of life, and it's wonderful way of life too! So if you think you might be gay--and have heard or been told that being gay is "sick", "perverted" or "sinful"...well, stick around awhile cuz I think I have some things to say and show you (all positive) that may help you feel less confused and better about yourself.

Of course if you already know you're gay and are comfortable with whom you are--stick around also, cuz this site is really gonna rock. But before we get to the fun stuff (and yeah, there's gonna be some kewl pics to look at).

First though, if you really feel the need to know a little more about me; and I know you wanna know what I look like---hey, it's a given! I'm going to make it easy for you so we can get that out of the way right up front, just click on the license plate below and that just might help you decide whether or not you wanna go on and see what else I have to say.

So do it! I sure would.

But there's more to a person than how he/she looks--a way lot more!
And keeping that in mind you could click on the "Critter" button to the right and get a better idea of who I am in the inside. Cuz it's what's inside that really counts.

Kewl? I hope so.

Now that you've done that, and we know each other better, I think it'd be a good idea to get through some of the basics, stuff like: Why am I gay? When did I decide to become or turn gay? How do I tell people I'm gay without loosing friends or getting kicked out of my house?

All pretty basic stuff but questions we all, at some time, ask ourselves. And I should tell you straight upfront that I'm no expert on the subject, but I am an expert on knowing me and how I feel about being gay, and I've also read a lot of material on the subject, stuff I hope you'll let me share with you.

So let's get on with it!


First off, let's get a few things straight (sorry, no pun intended). If you are gay--or think you might be gay--it wasn't a choice you made yourself. No matter what some people think or say, being gay or straight isn't something we decide on. It's something we are from the very beginning. When people learn that I'm gay and ask when I decided to become gay, I just answer them by saying, "Oh, I guess about five minutes before I decided to have blue eyes, blond hair and be left-handed." Dumb questions deserve dumb answers, right?

Now just in case you think I'm alone in this way of thinking, why not click on the little brain and see what some experts have to say. Go for it! It only takes a second.

And when you're finished reading, you'll want to go on to the next page cuz that's where we start getting into the really GOOD Stuff! Just click on the pulsing right arrow below to enter.



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Yeah, I know, this site is getting pretty big and confusing. So thanks to a friend who has written a site map for me, you can click here and plan your own course of action!

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