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Its come to my attention that this site has become neglected. I will retain this site simply for the four year history of the Southern Lehigh High School Cross Country Team that I am very proud to say that I was a member of. If you wish to contact me, email me at Thanks for visiting.

- Brian

First, a tincy bit about me, the author of this page. I graduated from Southern Lehigh High School, PA, where I ran four years of cross country and three years of winter & spring track. I am now attending Penn State University, (yes, University Park!) and majoring in Architectural Engineering. You can find more information about myself here, if you so desire. This is also a link for a picture too, but don't say I didn't warn you! Perhaps you would like to visit my personal webpage.

I was a member of the Lehigh Valley Road Runners Club , but I don't think my parents remembered to renew our membership. They better get on it! The club has approximately 500+ members. If you happen to enter any road races in the eastern Pennsylvania area, beware of any runner appearing in purple and white. That person is a Lehigh Valley Road Runner!

Special thanks goes to Lou Nunez for the "NEW" title of this website. After a vote on all ideas presented, Lou's won by a landslide. Thanks again Lou! HIS website is also on running, check it out! Happy now?

Upcoming Races in the Eastern Pennsylvania Area --- This listing also includes when applicable, the costs, registration deadlines, and general location of the event. Right now it is short and brief, but I plan on getting more races into it in the near future.

The Official Southern Lehigh Cross Country Team Homepage ... my own XC page ... the School District now recognizes this as their Official page for the Cross Country Team.
The Official 1996 - 1997 Southern Lehigh Track Team Homepage... the school district has recognized this page as the Official page for the 1996 - 1997 season.
Lehigh Valley Road Runners Club -- based out of Allentown, Pennsylvania ... is a fairly new site with a new webmaster, but is making major improvements.
Cool Runnings .. just a really cool site on running.
Other High Schools ... links to other high school programs throughout the United States
Awards and Achievements ... this site has proudly won

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Hope you liked this page.
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It HAS to be the only one who has always just been "RUNN'IN" -- the one and only,


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