MRS. L.'s Grade 5 Website

Mrs. L.'s Grade Five Website

This was the site of Mrs. L.'s Grade Five class for the year 2000-2001. It is kept up at the present time to host the webpages made by her three computer classes of that year. It will cease to exist sometime in the spring of 2002 - so enjoy the links while they last :-)

Computer Class Links

Grade FiveL Happenings
Gr. FiveL Students and Their Webpages

Gr. 5 Curriculum Links
St. Margaret's School Homepage

Grade FiveME Webpage Links

For Guinea Pig Fans
Grade Six Webpage Links
Mrs. L.'s Favourite Links
School Life in Pictures

We're reading Red Cedar books! Take a look!

This page last updated on June 14, 2001.

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Mrs. L. and three Grade Five students were part of a group from SMS who visited St.Ursula Elementary School in Sendai, Japan
May 13-25, 2000.

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