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Irasshimasu, minna! Konichiwa and welcome to my Anime shrine! Santa Pluto's bag is full of gifts for everyone, including anime reviews, individual shrines, general information, and lots of pictures! SLAYERS! SAILORMOON! EVANGELION! SAKURA TAISEN! ESCAFLOWNE! HUZZAH!--*ahem*...uh, sorry 'bout that. I guess I went a little overboard. Heh heh...

PLUTO: Baka, shut up! You'll scare them all away!

LAURA: I know! I'm sorry already! Geez...

PLUTO: Just get on with it, okay? *sigh* Just when we get some visitors, you have to freak out again. Shimatta!

LAURA: You're only making it worse, Pluto-san!

PLUTO: Well, you started it.

LAURA: And now I'm ending it! So uresai!

Since this is my very first homepage, I'll need some time to get everything up that I want. (Note: This page tends to look a little strange with different browsers. Please keep that in mind when you view it.)

*********UPDATE 9/18/00********* Ack, it's been a while, ne? Gomen nasaaaaai! I've had one hell of a summer working three jobs @_@ and saving up money for college. But now I'm here, a freshman at Harvard University! Who would've guessed? Anyway, classes just started today (sidenote: You know the year is going to be bad when you sleep through a class on the first day! Bye bye Linguistics 118...). Unfortunately, I have NOTHING new for any of you. It's tragic really. I will try to be better about such things in the future...Anyway, please enjoy what's already up. I'll let all of you know when I actually get my arse in gear and post something new.

You'd better SIGN MY GUESTBOOK, or face a fistfull of Gekiganium Alloy! You can also view my guestbook.

"So, you haven't signed my guestbook yet? GEKIGAN--PUNCHO!!!!!!!"


Okay, this is where the good stuff begins! Click on an option to go to the page. Some are still under construction...


P.S. Many thanks to Seimei for the great Fushigi Yuugi wallpaper and Rama for the Gekigengar animation!

You are psycho #to visit since the last update.

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