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This is so gotta look at it...special thanks to Brendan M. Tuohy


Golden Globe pitures were taken from E! online, so Visit them!


Contains 13 pictures of Leo (in People) and a very imformative-must have article

The Titanic sountrack is currently the BESTSELLING CD in the US for the second week in a row!!!

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Vote Leonardo DiCaprio OR Matt Damon sexier than the other. It's a tough choice, isn't it? I voted Leo of course, cuz' I'm a loyal Leo fan, but Matt Damon could use some help. Actually, a lot of it.

Aren't you happy for Leo? He recieved his first paycheck over $1 million for TITANIC!!

Titanic #1 in the box office for the SIXTH week, earning a reported $274.3 million!!!


People Daily January 13, 1998 "It's very recent. I don't know how serious it is."

-- A "MODELING INSIDER," telling New York's Daily News about the relationship between LEONARDO DICAPRIO, 22, and Elite model AMBER VALLETTA, 24. The paper also reports the actor is no longer living at home with his mother.

Quotable Quotes: James Cameron on the casting of Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack in Titanic: "Leonardo DiCaprio did something that rubbed me the wrong way: he sat there smoking a cigarette, slouching, as if the whole thing was too much trouble. I didn't think he was paying attention. Then he gets up there and he does the scene. And it was like, boom! He's the guy."

Kate Winslet: "He's probably the world's most beautiful-looking man, yet he doesn't think he's that gorgeous, and to me, he's just smelly, farty Leo."
Gorgeous sounds right, but BEAUTIFUL? SMELLY? Well, I've never met him, so...

January 12, 1998 People Daily

"We were really like brother and sister. There was never any of that 'I fancy you, do you fancy me?' Never."

-- KATE WINSLET, 22, on acting with Leonardo DiCaprio, 22, in "Titanic," to New York's Daily News. The $400-million disaster-romance is poised to break the $200-million box-office barrier today.

BTW, fancy is British. In American English, it means 'have a crush on' or 'like'.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year everyone!!!


Hi! I'm Robin!
My page is on Leonardo DiCaprio whom I feel is the best, hottest, sexiest actor today. I AM his biggest fan. Find out about me!

Results for PEOPLE'S 97 MOST INTRIGUING PEOPLE OF '97-are in! Leo stayed at 14.

Lyrics to Titanic's love theme performed by Celine DionI got the CD a few weeks before the movie-I heard that now it's all sold out everywhere. Good luck nabbing a copy!

HEY! I just got the Leonardo DiCaprio Album! It's really cool and contains 52 gorgeous pictures of Leo. It costs $15.95 in the US and should be available in stores.

I'm sure we all know that Leo's current movie is TITANIC, now playing in theaters. I have seen Titanic four times myself, since opening day, and I hope to see it more! Come back in a few days if you would like to know my take on the movie.

Leo's next movie is THE MAN IN THE IRON MASK, set for release March 13, 1998. He plays the evil King Louis XVI and his twin that's going to prison or something like that. More details when I find out.

Get Leo's autograph HERE

Webrings that I have joined

THE OFFICIAL Leonardo DiCaprio site is up and running! It's a really good site. GO to the Official Leonardo DiCaprio site

What You Need to Know About James Cameron's $200 Million Ship Trip

You know what really bugs me? There are very few Hollywood actors that don't smoke. Leo smokes and another one of my fave actors, MATT DAMON, smokes too. Isn't he a hottie? I guess I like him so much because he reminds me A LOT of Leo. He was in The Rainmaker and the upcoming, Good Will Hunting, where he plays Will Hunting. Did you know that he wrote that with his pal Ben Affleck? Matt recieved 2 Golden Globe nominations. Aren't you so proud of him? One for Best Motion Picture and Best Screen Play-Motion Picture. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck won the Golden Globe BEST SCREENPLAY. Click here for:
Matt just broke up with his co-star in Good Will Hunting Minnie Driver. :o(
Go to the official Rainmaker website

I could not find the OFFICIAL Good Will Hunting website, all I found was this site

GOOD WILL HUNTING opened FINALLY in general release. It was #2 in the weekend box office, earning $10.3 million over the weekend and $19.3 million cummulative.

Who is the hottest guy on daytime TV? JENSEN ACKLES from Days of Our Lives! I don't watch Days, so please don't send me e-mail pertaining to the show.

By the way, if you have an interest in lovebirds, visit my friend's Peached Face Lovebirds Site

If you just LUV Devon Sawa, don't forget to visitthis site!

There are of you cool people are luvin' Leo.(besides me)

PLEASE e-mail me! I'd luv to hear from you. Send questions, comments, or if you just want to talk, e-mail me! WRITE!

PLEASE do not remove anything from this site without my permission, excluding pictures. Thank you! I am very willing to share, however, I would like to know where it is going. Thanks again! Hope you like my site!


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