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I adore my baby girl! I made this website so that our families and friends back in California can be up to date on her everyday growth since we travel alot. (I'm sure her grandparents are missing her a great deal). She's getting to be a BIG girl now! And for anybody that knows the curse of the "Terrible Twos"......Whew!..... she's giving it 10 times worst!(My mom is probably loving the fact that it is my turn to do the dues.....LOL....hehhehhehe) I LOVE YOU MOM! For anyone asking how Leilani is........she's doing GREAT. A BRAT at times but doing great!

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Let's see.....where should I start. Well, Leilani has Filipina,Mexican and Italian decent. She was born in
a Christian Hospital in Glendale,California on June 11, 1996. I was in LABOR for 22 hours, then comes out a perfect child (up until she became 2 yrs. old....LOL) She's a very outspoken and independent little person and at times she gets a little shy to those who she hasn't gotten to know yet (she's a Gemini) Today she can count up to ten, know her four colors, her ABC up to P ( :o) ), put her shoes on right, picks out her own clothes (color coordinated), still on the bottle (3X a day) and still potty training.(does anyone have any suggestions on potty training)

She has a half brother, Sean age 11. Here in Orlando, she doesn't have any playmates, the fact that we had
only lived here for 8 mons. She's a fast learner and very active. She loves to watch Little Bear,Blues Clues,Gullah Gullah Island,Muppet Babies,Pinky and the Brain,Looney Tunes,Tiny Tunes,Teletubbies,Rug Rats and Reading Rainbow. (when she has the opportunity) She LOOOOVVVVEESS chocolate (like her mom). She likes helping out with the house chores but keeps her room messy. I love her. My husband likes to have 8 more and I said, "Yeeeaaaahhhh Right"

Whenever Leilani is curious in knowing what I do infront of the computer, I usually take her to these LINKS and
keep her accupied with learning activities. These WEBSITES have sounds!

NICKELODEON_____Blues Clues


WARNER BROS_____Tiny Toons



The HARDIN Family

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