My Adopted Cyber-Pets

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These are so cute! You should see all of them. Adopt a few of your own.
Hi... I am a girl HedgeHog. I am only 1 1/2 months old. I like to eat
candy heart kisses... they are my favorite food!
My name is Starr Trekky
...beam me up to your site!
Billy Bear's Rock Collection
Adopt a Teddy Bear
Adopt a Purp Bean!
"Dino Delight"
Adopt a Jelly Bean!
Adopt a Hard Boiled EggHead!

Adopt a CandyLand Lollipop!

Adopt a Cyber Pet from the Cyber Pet Animal Shelter!

Adopt a Cyber Pet from Adopt-A- Pet!
"A Cute Little Lion Cub"

Registration #:6

Adopt a Dragon!!!!

Adopt an Element Crystal!!!!

Tiger-Bunny Adoption!!!!

Adopt a Japanese Cat!!!!!!

Adopt a Dragon!!!!!

Name: Randi
Owner: Katie Moncelsi
Age: Adult
Sex: Female
Type: Type 2
Parents: Barklay and Brita
Mate: Simon
Children: 3 (Still Eggs)

Habarran Terrier Adoption!!!!!

Adopt a Fire Lizard!!!!!
Adopt a limited edition fairie!!!

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