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Welcome to my homepage, and be forewarned... the stuff on this homepage can be crazy and weird enough to scare the living crap out of you. This homepage belongs to me, Blackbird, my helper Kim, and my mindless drone WereMage. You've been warned, so read on if you dare!!

The main character of most of my stories is Blackbird, a character I created, who was first going to be in stories about the original Transformers. Unfortunately, I couldn't concentrate and I eventually I got into Beast Wars fanfics and just switched him over. The events in the stories take place after "Coming of the Fuzors." So without further ado...

Blackbird's Stories
Looking for some pretty good BW fanfics? Then just sit back and enjoy my Beast Wars Saga.
Blackbird's Profile Page
For my series of fanfics, I've created numberous characters (with the help of a few friends) and they're all here. Friends' Stories
Want to read some stories that _aren't_ mine? Then come inside and check some other authors' works.
The Maniacal Laugh
Stuff I think is funny, but you probably don't.

Other stuff will come later.

Here are our links. Oh, you're leaving are you? Well, I don't think you'll be going anywhere.....

Beast Wars Anonymous -- Good site for other Fanfics. Highly recommended.

Tranformers: Alias -- Another great page. Stormcloud (the page's owner) is hilarious.

Beast Wars Transformers FAQ Page -- Check it out. It answers a lot of questions about the show.

Nexus Zero: Beast Wars -- Good info about the shows. More great Fanfics. Learn Beast Wars terminology.

BW's Transformers Page -- Sound clips, movies, and other stuff about the ORIGINAL Tranformers!

Beast Wars Videos -- Lots of Beast Wars clips in AVI format.

Zaanai's Transformers Page -- Great page by a good friend, so check it out.

Springer's Niche -- Another great original Transformers page.

The Jackal's Lair -- A page not only by a Beast Wars fan, but also a Sonic fan!

Rob's Transformers Page -- It's the home of the Trannies, that's all I got to say!

Cillacon's Homepage -- A page dedicated to a Fanzine they've created about both Transformers worlds.

BotCon Online -- The official page of THE Transformers event, need I say more?

If you find something very offensive please don't send any hate mail of any kind, you would just be wasting my time and yours. But, if you have any general questions about any of the stuff on this web page, or want to know a little bit about me e-mail me at this address.



There is another e-mail address that I am adding because she actually helped me put this web page together. If you have any questions for her please e-mail at the address.



Blackbird's chronically-late and lazy-when-it's-convenient tech-head, WereMage, could use some prodding.

By the way, people have hit on this page since July 25, 1998. Ya psychos!

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July 25, 1998: This page was created.
August 22, 1998: Added "Nightmares" in the stories section, Disclaimer, Updates, and The Maniacal Laugh.
August 24, 1998: Fixed link to Beast Wars FAQ, fixed "Nightmares."
September 6, 1998: Added figure poses in Maniacal Laugh, changed Humor Stories message.
October 31, 1998: Added a ton of new Screen Grabs, changed background due to visitor input, added a couple stories.
November 29, 1998: Added Last Hope, Reunions 2&3, Tracks's profiles.
January 10, 1999: The first update of the new year. Added a new section for all the fics people send me, and put another of Tracks's story in there as well as some by two new authors, and added a new BWS story.
January 14, 1999: Added Stormcloud's uncut version of Confirmation. Now you can see it in it's entirety. Enjoy.
January 15, 1999: Added yet another story to the Friends' Stories section and changed the Disclaimer for the heck of it.
January 21, 1999: Added a new BWS story and a new one by Spider Striker in the Friend's Stories section.
January 23, 1999: Added Spider Striker's character profiles to the profile section.
January 25, 1999: Added another story by Spider Striker. Man, this guy puts more stuff more stuff on my page than me. Guess I gotta go to work!
February 5, 1999: Added some new stories by Tracks Spider Striker and a new guy, PUN/3X NCJ, and a coulple of new profiles by Tracks. Yeah, I know you want to see some stuff by me, but I got some other things I gotta take care of first, so just be patient.
February 14, 1999: Still nothing from me, but more stories from Spider Striker and PUN 3/X NCJ including the profile of his character. Check it out.
February 20, 1999: Added a new story be Tracks. Some new profiles, one by Spider Striker and another by someone know as Shatterstar.
March 28, 1999: Yeah, yeah, I know. It's been awhile since I updated, but hey, at least this time I have new story up. Yep, that right, you're friendly page administrator is back! Now, before you go into Blackbird's story and start freaking out that it's not there, go to Friends' Stories. You see, my story is a continuation off of a story Zaanai wrote for me. Her story's up there too and mine is right after it. Also, as if that weren't enough, there's a new story by Spider Striker up. Check 'em all out! Man, this was a really long update thing, wasn't it?
May 8, 1999: Great news! I finally updated my page! You can all breath now. There's a whole slew of new stories up in the Friends' Stories section. Check 'em out!
May 31, 1999: Two new stories are up. Part 4 of Threshold's epic tale as well as the last part of Tracks' PSI-Masters Series! Yay! Check it out! And hopefully, the next update will include some profiles I've been meaning to put up.

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