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Oliver's Memorial Cat Page

March 1989-Dec 1, 1999

Oliver died suddenly this morning... he apparently had a little kitty heart attack. While we are shocked and saddened by his death at a relatively young age, I can honestly say I'm glad he didn't have to suffer a long illness and that he got to die at home, as we stroked and comforted him. His ashes will be put in our backyard, under the trees where he liked to sunbathe. We'll miss him =^..^=

Oliver on the bed Our cat, Oliver, was a true world traveler! He'd been a military brat cat since birth. We adopted him in Jacksonville, NC 10-1/2 years ago. Since then, he moved to Cherry Point NC, Tustin CA, Iwakuni, Japan, and back to CA! He was always a pretty good traveler... when we moved across the country he'd get out at the rest stops with us and wander around on his leash! Yes, he tolerated a leash! He also survived the long plane ride to Japan... though he gave us the cold shoulder for quite a while afterward. He seemed to do better on the ride home; one difference was we didn't sedate him... it seemed to be a better choice. He settled right in here in CA, again.

Oliver at the front window- he wants in.

Oliver's favorite activities were:

He did a fine job (most of the time) of ignoring the dog. He was quite insulted when we brought Dodger home as a puppy, and continued to hold him in disdain, but they didn't fight :-)

Oliver had a dry sense of humor, and shared the following Rules for Cats, which were received, indirectly, from

Rules for cats who have a house to run.

If one of your humans is engaged in some close activity and the other is idle, stay with the busy one. This is called "helping", otherwise known as "hampering". Following are the rules for "hampering":
  1. When supervising cooking, sit just behind the left heel of the cook. You cannot be seen and thereby stand a better chance of being stepped on and then picked up and comforted.
  2. For book readers, get in close under the chin, between eyes and book, unless you can lie across the book itself.
  3. For knitting projects or paperwork, lie on the work in the most appropriate manner so as to obscure as much of the work or at least the most important part. Pretend to doze, but every so often reach out and slap the pencil or knitting needles. The worker may try to distract you; ignore it. Remember, the aim is to hamper work. Embroidery and needlepoint projects make great hammocks in spite of what the humans may tell you.
  4. For people paying bills (monthly activity) or working on income taxes or Christmas cards (annual activity), keep in mind the aim-to hamper! First, sit on the paper being worked on. When dislodged, watch sadly from the side of the table. When activity proceeds nicely, roll around on the papers, scattering them to the best of your ability. After being removed for the second time, push pens, pencils, and erasers off the table, one at a time.
  5. When a human is holding the newspaper in front of him/her, be sure to jump on the back of the paper. They love to jump.

Here's some more cat humor:

Cat Wisdom
visual cat humor

  1. Cats do what they want, when they want.
  2. They rarely listen to you.
  3. They're totally unpredictable.
  4. They whine when they are not happy.
  5. When you want to play they want to be alone.
  6. When you want to be alone, they want to play.
  7. They expect you to cater to their every whim.
  8. They're moody.
  9. They leave hair everywhere.
  10. They drive you nuts.

Conclusion: They're like little, tiny women in cheap fur coats.

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