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The last photo taken of Dodger, before he died... he was so sick, but he tried so hard to live.

Well, ya had to know it would happen! Everyone else in the family has a page, so the pets were feeling left out :-( We can't have that, can we? So, just a short intro to the world's best dog...


Christmas Dodger, 1998 Dodger is our Boxer/Rottweiler "puppy". He's now four years old and about 100 lbs!!!

Hobbies are:

Dodger's a really fun guy :-) He's very playful, and tolerates a LOT from the kids and their friends. All he asks is walks, playtime and treats on demand... doesn't seem like much, for all the joy he brings to the household!

We've put Dodger's puppy photos, and photos with his doggy family, on a seperate page... To see them, go to Dodger's Family Page, last updated on 12/31/98. This was to make room on this page for some of his fun recent photos!

Dodger in Japan
Dodger loves to play in the snow!
Dodger furthering international animal relations at the
Kikko Park zoo, 2/99
Dodger also crossed the
Kintai Bridge in the snow :-), 2/99
Dodger visits the zoo! Dodger on the Kintai-kyo
Dodger likes to sleep upside down on the couch! What do you mean I can't get on the furniture???
Dodger likes to sleep upside down on the couch! But, what's this???
He's not allowed on the
new leather furniture!?! :-(

Links to other sites on the Web

Dodger likes to get back to his roots, every now and then...
American Rottweiler Club
Boxer World

He can also keep up with the happenings in the doggie world...
Dog World Magazine

Interested in Japanese dog breeds?
Japanese Dog Breeds 7/26/2001 Breeds recognized by the Japanese Kennel Club
Kennel Saijoto Breeders of Shibas; read the history of the breed... they are related to Akitas :-)

Pet E-cards 3/21/99 From Blue Mountain Arts, cards for pet folk 4/17/99 Dodger was sure glad to find out there were so many "dog-friendly" places in CA; he's anxious to find out what a "dog park" is like! (Dodger kinda thinks the whole world is one big Dog Park!)


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I got my graphics for this page from the Dog Hause, but they have since removed their free graphics page :-( You may still want to drop by, and see what else they have to offer!

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