Anime Eva's Calender

I'm your host: Eva
(pronounced evva, not eeva!!!)^_^

This is where
originally designed anime calenders
will be issued! I hope you enjoy them
However still under construction!!! ^_^


I was hoping to complish an area where
chatline lovers are able to choose
anime pics of 32X32 pixel avators
to represent themselves.
and I'm proud to say
I did a great Job!
Although a little problem of clearity
here and there...
Just go ahead and try some of them!
I'm sure you'll be satisfied! ^_^

CNC's Notebook: Anime fiction

For anyone who wants a good story or two!

Celia Avators!

Evangelion Avator Month

Miscellaneous Month

Oh My Goddess! What Month is it?!

Sailormoon Avators! Month of the Moon Stone!

Magic Knights Rayearth Avators!

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